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New: Reported posts section.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by S3NSA, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    I've now implemented a section where you will be able to see what posts you've reported and see what action is taken by the staff as a result. Your reports help us a lot so please do take the time to click the warning sign and fill one out if you see someone breaking the rules. You should only be able to see the reports you make, so it's anonymous. I hope this gives you some feedback on what we do and how you help us. Thanks to Nebbis for the suggestion and Blaze for putting up with my retardation.

    Cheers guys,

    p.s. Please don't send false reports, you're essentially reporting yourself ;)
  2. Nebbis

    Nebbis Banned Banned

    Nice update btw! I am busy, im at school right now, but I will be checking that.

    Thanks S3NSA!

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