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Pending No More LEECHING!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by xGrimmJ?w, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. xGrimmJ?w

    xGrimmJ?w New Member

    as you can see in the title, i want to stop leeching hacks, i mean not only me, we got to grow up guys!, we got to make our own Hacks!

    here some information :
    i used to play MapleStory, a long time ago, like 3 or 4years ago, my big LVL is 13x, without hacking, i started HACK like 1years ago, or less, but i was just leeching, i never tought of making some

    Well guys, i opened this Thread, to request a "Madness-Forum" where we can put Tutorials to how to make our own Scripts, what is a Paquet sender, how can we know what to send, what to spam, and what to get, and things like that.

    i'm a fast learning, i learn stuff very fast, and if i'm requesting this, it's not that i'm so lazy to go to "google" and look for threads. but i want that you guys put things like this for the following reasons :

    1.help me so i can learn to make Hacks
    2.it will help the forum to get more visitor
    3.it will help other membres too
    4.it will be nice if you did it =)

    so please, make a forum where we can put some TUTs about how to make HACKS (i'm not talking about c++ [but it will be good if you add it too xP])
    and i promes i won't be a piece of sh/t asking how to do this and this and this, i'm not going to count on you guys to answer all my question, i won't forget Google ;) don't worry xD
  2. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    In regard to leeching, there's already a topic in this forum discussing that so please add to that one.
    As for the learning how to make hacks and sharing tutorials for doing so, there's the programming section.
  3. xGrimmJ?w

    xGrimmJ?w New Member

    yeah i know, well dude, this was to [REQ] some TUTs, but at the end, it was like suggestion a new forum, since we got one, with no TUT on it, i'll request some TUT then :P
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