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[nub tut] How to make a button ends procces MapleStory.

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Elite Crew, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Elite Crew

    Elite Crew Active Member

    [nub tut] How to make a button ends process MapleStory.exe (C++)

    Very simple.
    First open your dll trainer source.
    Open the form and add a button with text "End Maple Story"
    Then double click on it. It should takes you Directly to the button event This what I used on button1:
    All you got to do is put this under it:

    So it become like this:

    And if you want an advanced one here you go:

    ty VG for this :) kthxbai :F2:
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  2. Nebbis

    Nebbis Banned Banned

    Nice guide btw, you make it looks so easy! I'll try it now, will post results :D

    Result: It's working perfect, thanks alot! Anyone know how to make a button that says Hide MalpeStory and when I cilck there MapleStory hides itself and the button now says Show MapleStory?
  3. NonLeaf

    NonLeaf Well-Known Member

    HideProcess(0) I think :o
  4. Nebbis

    Nebbis Banned Banned

    Thanks, and then ShowProcess(0), right?

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