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Europe OK, Starting Fresh

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by mageboys, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. mageboys

    mageboys iPlayNaked Donor

    Ok guys i recently just got my Cheif Bandit banned from using BoT at FOG :D with auto cc on lol,

    i am going to be making a ranger and am wondering the training spots and hacks i should use from 1-70

    at the moment i can only think of kami on a few monsters but would quite like some more idea's

    thanks :D
  2. Wallz

    Wallz Member

    I usually go 10-15 at pigs, 15-21 at Zombie mushrooms(mini dungeon) 21-40 something at sandrats and around ariant, then 40-70 at FoG or the mini dungeon then 70+ its WS, Blue Kents and them monsters them mobs in Ludi
  3. jeezor

    jeezor Member

    Make an aran on some other acc to fund it :)
  4. Serenoxis

    Serenoxis Active Member

    This is probably your best bet before starting a marks man. As for places to hack 10-15 green slimes is pretty fast and if you want a bit of extra cash stay here till 18ish, most people say head to ariant but I've stuck to blue slimes (kerning subway/ellinia dungeon trees) till 30ish. After that it depends on how long your going to be botting for and how much cash you have, if you use an aran to fund you can bot for longer at higher level places. I'm currently botting an aran for this since my fighter was burning through pots leveling up and not gaining any drops. As for places to train while there's the obvious FoG but i usually look on hidden-street for mobs around my current level and slightly higher though if it's not working and i'm losing cash then fall back to your previous spot for a bit longer
  5. mageboys

    mageboys iPlayNaked Donor

    i have roughly 200mil to put into pots so i dont really know were i should go, maybe i will use fawkvac at kerning blue slimes :)
  6. BadAss

    BadAss Well-Known Member

    Watch out for hotspots dude, u can get banned fast
  7. nibatti

    nibatti Well-Known Member

    FOG is very high ban rate my other get ban there too ;(.
    And make aran they pwn ass!

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