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Selling Pre-Block Global Maplestory Accounts

Discussion in 'Accounts' started by prsfinest, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

    Not in the USA and want to play Global Maplestory? Maple EU/Sea bringing you down? Preblocked Maplestory accounts available!

    Preblock accounts are $40
    I am only able to sell 2 accounts a week. It is on a first come first serve basis.
    Selling Pre-Region/IP block accounts for Global Maplestory

    These accounts were made in 2006 thus allowing anyone from any part of the world to play global maplestory without any added assistance.

    Price in United States Dollar

    If you want the account setup on PA add $5 to the given rate above.

    You need to have GMS already installed so that you may test the accounts.

    After you have tested the account we can proceed to the payment process

    Paypal purchases must attach this:
    "I have received the virtual goods, upon this payment I have sent. I agree to
    the consequences of fraud if it is my option to file a chargeback or reversal
    dispute to this transaction of virtual goods, I will be pursued by the state of
    law. I agree to the following terms: pastebin.com/PVtNCSsK"

    Once I have received the payment and confirmed that you are the buyer I will give you all the information on the account as well as transfer all forms of security so that you will be the 100% owner of the account.

    Then all you gotta do is change the information to whatever you want and enjoy playing GMS

    Just send me a PM or add me on Skype if your interested

    My Skype: preblock_1
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2016
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  2. Shinso

    Shinso (800) Just working. Moderator Dedicated Donor Trusted Trader

    Hey, I've just removed your links because you're not meant to add in links to other sites here. People that are interested can still have the links given to them in pm.
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  3. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

    No problem thanks for the heads up and the edit ^_^
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  4. #1337

    #1337 (3) Banned Banned New Trader

    How much would a pre-block account without extra character slots cost?
  5. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

    It's $25 USD for no extra character slots if you go straight through me but if you would like it on playerauctions it will be $30. I add $5 in order to cover the fees, I have no problem either way.
  6. #1337

    #1337 (3) Banned Banned New Trader

    Hey, I'll buy one now if you have one left. :-)
  7. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

  8. reaperkill60

    reaperkill60 (25) Banned Banned Trade Ban Known Trader

    to expensive.. i offer 10$
  9. hermit9

    hermit9 (2) Furry Techie© Donor New Trader

    added in skype
  10. #1337

    #1337 (3) Banned Banned New Trader

    I bought an account from him earlier this month, I can vouch for that he's legit. (Y)
  11. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

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  12. Dundermoses

    Dundermoses Member

    Bought an account from this guy, quick, easy and legit!
  13. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

  14. John Stenstrom

    John Stenstrom (1) New Member New Trader

    I'll buy a preblock account with no extra slots if you have any left!
  15. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

  16. MrDuppy

    MrDuppy (1) Member New Trader

    I'm interested, added you on Skype.
  17. Twig

    Twig (19) Well-Known Member Known Trader

    I can do 15$ if youre interested
  18. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

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  19. jontemann

    jontemann (20) Well-Known Member Known Trader

    im intrerested in buying an account
  20. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

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