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Selling Pre-Block Global Maplestory Accounts

Discussion in 'Accounts' started by prsfinest, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Fixated

    Fixated (239) Who doesn't want to be the best? Donor Trusted Trader

    Bought two accounts from this guy
    Huge vouch for this guy, have never experienced such a patient and wellput trader. If you're looking for a good deal, with a good trader, look this way!
  2. Shinso

    Shinso (800) Just working. Moderator Dedicated Donor Trusted Trader

    Vouch, all went well.

    Very nice and easy to deal with.
  3. Nehem

    Nehem Active Member

    hey :3

    2days ago I bought acc with slots on scania, all went well + got all info ^_^
  4. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

  5. BetAcces

    BetAcces New Member

    Hey, can i buy a Bera 7 extra slot acc for 30 dollars? Willing to go first when tested ofc..
    do the account come with full info? Email etc
  6. Hundvalp

    Hundvalp Well-Known Member

    Interested in buying an account for 30. Just a question, how can I be sure you'll never be able to take it back in say a few months? My skype is ethipf3, add men when you're online
  7. BetAcces

    BetAcces New Member

    nvm got one, and the seller is dead i think
  8. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

  9. rutger kruse

    rutger kruse (2) Member New Trader

    do u still have accounts
  10. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

    Sure do, sorry for the delayed reply!
  11. rutger kruse

    rutger kruse (2) Member New Trader

    ok nice just waitng for u to come back online on skype
  12. TheRemaining

    TheRemaining Well-Known Member

    This guy, 100% legit. Fastest sales I've had in days. Thank you kind seller
  13. Legacy

    Legacy (1) Well-Known Member New Trader

    If you still have an account available, I'd like to buy one
    I added you on Skype :)
  14. Galaxy

    Galaxy (101) Well-Known Member Trusted Trader

    I am interested
  15. 97bernatmart

    97bernatmart Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in buying one
  16. Exstage

    Exstage (1) New Member New Trader

    Bought 1 account, Easy trader would recommend him.
  17. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

    I've got one available for you
  18. 97bernatmart

    97bernatmart Well-Known Member

    Very recommended trader, 10/10 would buy again all working fine :)
  19. akaash

    akaash (4) Well-Known Member New Trader

    I'm also interested in buying one
  20. Axestos

    Axestos Active Member

    I would like to buy one too

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