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  2. This section is for selling accounts, not items!

Selling Pre-Block Global Maplestory Accounts

Discussion in 'Accounts' started by prsfinest, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. BroDude

    BroDude New Member

    I have added you on skype, around which time and timezone can you be contacted?
  2. OnlySinister

    OnlySinister New Member

    Very interested in one, I added you on Skype.
  3. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

    I responded to everyone on skype if still interested.
  4. Oden

    Oden (3) Well-Known Member New Trader

    still got some of dem accounts?
  5. prsfinest

    prsfinest (13) Active Member Known Trader

    Sure do, send me a message on skype:preblock_1
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  6. Psyched

    Psyched (24) CCPLZ Donor Donor Known Trader

    still selling ?
  7. zulk

    zulk (27) Slightly Unhinged Donor Known Trader

    still got some?

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