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Nederlands PSV KAMPIOEN ♥

Discussion in 'Multi-Language Forum' started by TheLegend27, May 8, 2016.

  1. TheLegend27

    TheLegend27 Well-Known Member

    Once again we are champions! (Psv, winner of the dutch football league)

    Have a great day everyone
  2. Original

    Original ♛ Mikaelson ♛ Donor

    PSV 4 Life! I've always chosed PSV!!
  3. Robert

    Robert lol Moderator Dedicated Donor

    I'm going to put this in the dutch subforums.
  4. JD

    JD Pi-ka-boo Donor

    Mate, you didn't do jack shit
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  5. TheLegend27

    TheLegend27 Well-Known Member

    Mate, I support and love this team, so I think im allowed to say we. Just like the players said,' we couldnt have done it without the support of the fans'.
  6. gef30

    gef30 Well-Known Member

    Ofcourse they could have, they just didnt want to get beat up by an angry crowd
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  7. Robert

    Robert lol Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Van harte namens iemand die enigzins voor Ajax is, maar ook vind dat ze tegen de graafschap zo ontzettend geblunderd hebben.
  8. kevintjuh93

    kevintjuh93 CCPLZ Donor Donor

    Ben niet voor PSV, maar nu worden de twee dagen Groots met een zachte G alleen maar leuker !
  9. JD

    JD Pi-ka-boo Donor

    Take my remarks with a grain of salt will ya

    Players only say shit like: "Couldn't have done it without the support of the fans."
    because they are under contract. They might get some motivation out of their fans.
    Their biggest motivator is their contract and the salary that comes with it.

    IMO you're still no part of the "we" just because a player says so.
    What have you done for PSV that contributed to their victory? (apart from cheering and chugging beers).

    Back on topic tho: Congrats to those who are overjoyed about PSV's winning this year.
    Glad those 020'ers didn't win!
  10. TheLegend27

    TheLegend27 Well-Known Member

    Ah well, whatever. I guess you support your favorite team differently, which is fine. But If I want to say 'we did it' or w/e Im allowed to say that. Im not looking for your shitty comments to ruin my day. So either post a nice, fun or interesting comment or just don't. And Im sure as hell I'm not the only one who gets mad when told how to, and not to support a team. Just a little piece of advice for your future conversations with football fans.
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  11. JD

    JD Pi-ka-boo Donor

    I was rather referring to fans not being on the field working their ass off chasing a ball. Ofcourse they contribute in a financial way(which is really good and all).
    But the fact remains that it's the actual team that did the winning, and not the fans. Y'all are taking this far too serious.
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  12. gef30

    gef30 Well-Known Member

    Y'all including you right?

    OT: not a sports fan
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  13. Richard87

    Richard87 Active Member

    Beetje jammer dit
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  14. Infraction

    Infraction CCPLZ Donor Donor

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