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Warning Psychology is a big fraud

Discussion in 'Hall of Shame' started by GeneralFabz, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. GeneralFabz

    GeneralFabz Well-Known Member

    Watch out for @Psychology as he scammed me for 33€ earlier this evening.

    Went through 1b at a time for 11€ each and after 3b was safely traded i decided to send the rest 33€ at the same time to get the rest of my 3b's. After money was sent he logged out.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2015
  2. Hugh

    Hugh www.emsmesos.com Moderator Helper Donor

    Please post screenshots of the transactions you made, aswell as conversation histories with this user.

    @Psychology respond
  3. GeneralFabz

    GeneralFabz Well-Known Member

  4. Psychology

    Psychology Banned Banned Trade Ban

    As the screenshots provided by GeneralFabz you can clearly see me giving him the mesos between each payment.
    If I had known people try to get you banned after a trade I'd have recorded the whole trade, I'll have that ready for future trades.
  5. Holyarrow

    Holyarrow CCPLZ Donor Donor

    no you cannot see that. We can see 3 bil have been traded, then nothing more. However, his proof is also not enough to proof you´re a scammer.
    Lucky boy
  6. TheLegend27

    TheLegend27 Well-Known Member

    How about using a middleman the next time? Always the most safe way to trade
  7. Psychology

    Psychology Banned Banned Trade Ban

    We did talk about this, he didn't want to use one in the end.
    Think you misunderstood me. When I bought the last 3 pots the shop closes automatically, therefore there's no more chat.
    Why am I lucky? I did my part, I did recommend using a MM but he didn't want to lose more mesos through fees by using a MM.

    @GeneralFabz I'm not sure why you put up this scam report, is it because I didn't cover the fees? I had a sense you had issues with that through PMs but it was crystal clear on my thread that I did not cover fees hence the lower price.
  8. TheLegend27

    TheLegend27 Well-Known Member

    One of you guys is lying and made his story up. Its now upto the mods to decide.
  9. Hugh

    Hugh www.emsmesos.com Moderator Helper Donor

    If you recommended using a Middleman, please post your chat logs to prove it. I only see him recommending a Middleman in the screenshot.

    As Holyarrow has said, it does not prove THE FULL TRADE you were suppose to do with him, only partial of the trade.

    If you have CCPLZ chat logs or Full Skype Logs of the conversations post it all. Its a tricky situations, but the more proof the better. to resolve this whole situation.[/QUOTE]
  10. Psychology

    Psychology Banned Banned Trade Ban

    [​IMG] there you go.
    GeneralFabz has VERY conveniently left out vital information to make it look as suspicious as possible.

    Except of video footage, how do you prove the last trade where I buy the last 3 pots? The shop literally auto-closes with a message saying something about the shop is now empty or something.
  11. GeneralFabz

    GeneralFabz Well-Known Member

    Are you for real man?? you got away with 33€'s extra in your pocket last night, only paying 3 bils for a total of 77eur and you DARE accuse me instead? Since you dare to come back here you might as well give me the rest of the mesos you owe me!

    Ok I admit I dont have enough evidence now as it seems to prove that you never gave me those last mesos. I shouldve taken a photo of the whole store screen to show the remaining 3 pots not being bought.

    But still WHY would get you banned if you DID give me what you promised? Can you tell me that? There is no absolute reason for that because, if the trade wouldve been successful i wouldve given you nice feedback and ask for the same in return, thats how this site works in order for people to trust one another! If you wouldve given me what was promised i would have want to buy more from you in the future! thats how it works, but since you ran out on me, NOT replying to the conversation messages or ingame messages I called you to be a scammer and therefore put you in this thread, HALL OF SHAME! Because thats where you belong! Unless you feel like you still wanna give me the rest you fool.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 13, 2015 ---
    If you gave me money and everything was going as a fair trade can you explain to me why you still havnt replied to me in our conversation? Neither given me or been given feedback for a smooth trade? Thats what we're striving for on this site isnt it?


    Another thing to think of is that the photo ive taken ingame is that after i said "rest sent" your character is not present. All browsing spots are empty. The photo is taken as i realized you scammed me, leaving me 3 bills short. As you state that the shop closes after all is bought I would never be able to take this photo, correct? If I would try to stage it your character should be in that photo. And since our conversation is still there its quite obvious whats happened.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2015
  12. Hugh

    Hugh www.emsmesos.com Moderator Helper Donor

    Thank you, After seeing for myself, he did NOT reply, and did not even attempt to.
    So i will make this short and sweet (Well not sweet) because you lost money)
    His Trade-ban has moved to a permanent ban.

    A Tip for you, in future trades, If you are not sure of someone with a low amount of feedback, i would suggest to use a Middleman,

    Yes It may cost taxes (for mesos) or Psok's for items, but to do a smooth transaction you may consider it.
    As for getting your €33 EUR back, Its really tricky, But I'm sure @Shinso could give you some pointers on where to go with it. (Or maybe not) But i would suggest calling up paypal and talking with them.

    Also to make better proof of transactions would be to get something like Fraps, or Take as much screenshots as possible, (But i suggest recording the trade because it would be much better) than getting annoyed taking Screenshots with each trade-steps.
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  13. GeneralFabz

    GeneralFabz Well-Known Member

    Thanks a bunch, Hugh!

    Its been a tough two weeks for me with 2 scams but im kinda glad this didnt end up against me.

    Thank you for believing in me, that means a lot!
  14. Richard87

    Richard87 Active Member

    why would you trade with someone who has a trade ban on his name? doesnt this say enough?
  15. GeneralFabz

    GeneralFabz Well-Known Member

    This action caused him the trade ban. He was a regular member before this event.
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