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Europe Public 'Programming Battle' on CCPLZ? Ideas needed!

Discussion in 'Hacks & Downloads' started by S3NSA, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    Someone on the last battle's thread made the suggestion that we could extend the time a bit, and get the people on here involved. Aka. you guys could enter and at the end, it's put to the vote. The winner could perhaps have a special user title or another sign of winning.

    I honestly feel that this is a great idea so, I would like for you all to come up with ideas for the next public programming battle. What would you like to see made? How long should they get? Post your ideas people. I'll read through them and have a think myself and if it looks like it will be supported, I will make the competition and perhaps even include a cash prize if it looks to be popular.

    So, post here with any suggestions or ideas? The points below should get you started.

    - What should be made?
    - How long should they have?
    - Public vote or panel of judges?

    - Prize Ideas for the winner?

  2. Corner

    Corner Active Member

    -What should be made? Nice GUIs, a Banner, maybe programming a lil bot in C++ with some instruction to the basics, usefull tools.
    -How long should they have? 3 - max. 5 days.
    -Public vote or panel of judges? Public vote.
    -Prize Ideas for the winner? A super special User title, maybe mesos, maybe later a week VIP.
  3. highlights

    highlights Well-Known Member

    1.the thing they are going to do have to be a secret else they just could start now but else anything from MM timer to memory reader/writer
    2.depends on what it is 12h-3days?
    3.panel of judges maybe would be good cuz then there is not alot of peoples which just looks at the GUI and then votes
    4.i would say special medals or maybe free vip on this site (if VIP is avalible)
  4. Nickerian

    Nickerian Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    The lg shouldent matter, also making a bot wouldent be a good idea because people wouldent judge by how good it is made, rater which pwn hacks people include

    i like tha last challange because it was something probbaly everyone could create with the same privelige in every lg and the result was up to you
    i think the idea behind it should stay the same (Helpfull tools) if it is aimed to maple or not dosent matter but it should stay simple

    i also think that people should be warned about a day before the challange start that there will be a challange, but the subject will be told when it starts
  5. jeezor

    jeezor Member

    Find the best exploit :P
  6. GroundZero

    GroundZero LOL Banned Coder Donor

    I think a little Bot will be good

    with a Staat Hook and so.

    Time: 1 Day

    user: Max. 5
  7. OMGitsSander

    OMGitsSander Well-Known Member

    I'm just having one suggestion. When the voting takes place, and you decide that the public will vote.
    Dont say who made each programm (or w/e you choose they should make), so people wont vote on names, but on the creations;)
  8. Baris.

    Baris. New Member

    Guys, :P

    - What should be made? A Godmode;Kami(vac);AutoPots;Autoattack and a included bypass! This without dc?s / 99% not ban risk.
    - How long should they have? How long? i dont know how long i?m no coder :D
    - Public vote or panel of judges? Public <-- but only user with enough posts and good manners.
    - Prize Ideas for the winner? Price? I hope this hack have 2 versions:

    1. Public -

    2. VIP for 5€ or 10€ (for 2-3 month) . VIP have to update after new patches automatik.

  9. Siobhan

    Siobhan New Member

    If the object of the challenge is to make a trainer perhaps a CT could be given to implement just to even out the field, and to keep it simple so that as many people as possible can participate.

    It could also be a GUI challenge, code the prettiest and cleanest GUI for a trainer, the trainer itself could be given as a static link library, pre-made sourcecode or something else.

    Or why not just the graphics for the GUI? Nice icons and cool background pictures, perhaps sound effects?

    If it is a coding challenge I also think that the source should be released, good code should be awarded and horribly mutilated code should be discouraged.
  10. Ant3

    Ant3 Well-Known Member

    Would if it is a spefic language? C#, C++..?
  11. Nickerian

    Nickerian Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    if everyone could stop try to "leech" and come up with some real ideas

    what about a wake up timer?, music player, calender, calculator

    Item filter SCRIPT creator (easier then go to MapleTip and checkup each item blabla)

    the time it should take?

    Wake up timer - about 4h
    Music Player - about 1 Day
    Calender - About 1-2 Days
    Calculator - About 4h

    Item filter creator - 1 Day

    Using others code as help should be allowed but not using anyones source, also most of the application should be done by the creator not anyone else
  12. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    - What should be made? - A simple bot with for example, Belayed BGM, Pvac/Fvac & and a auto potter, nothing special. The idea is for the ease of the use of it.
    - How long should they have? - 2 a 3 days.
    - Public vote or panel of judges? - Panel of judges.
    - Prize Ideas for the winner? - No idea.

    And the sources should be released, so if people would like to learn how to do the same, they could have a look at the source.
  13. Lollage

    Lollage Well-Known Member

    A guy named Jakan will pop up and will release his hex edited iBotYou thingy xD
    Seeing iBotYou also has those hacks you named, lolz.

    I was thinking about a bot which involves a PQ, I don't know which or what I was thinking about it ;3
  14. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    Well, it could be anything I guess, since yeah, Msot likely a guy like Jakan would pop up.

    Maybe a bot that will Play a tune or D/C's you whenever you hit the level you want to hit, Since that would be helpful if you are near hitting level 30/70/120 at overnight botting. and the tune thing is for wheneven you have MS in Hide or minimized so that you wont have to check up to your MS all the time.
  15. Ant3

    Ant3 Well-Known Member

    - What should be made? - Something that is protected against HEX editing
    - How long should they have? - few days.
    - Public vote or panel of judges? - 50% judges 50% public
    - Prize Ideas for the winner? - VIP or something like that.
  16. the-only-one

    the-only-one Well-Known Member

    not a hacking program you all would leech - if it is a hacking program then it should not be download able

    but i like the idea u have Nickerian about its should be simple

    also maybe a mem reader/writer -about 1-3 days
    also small! games - 1-2 days
    cant come up with more right now.
  17. xScriptZx

    xScriptZx CCPLZ Donor Donor

    We need to be a little more originals... All the things you posted here can be found in all source codes pages.

    BTW, is better than a leecher bot, so agree.
  18. Lollage

    Lollage Well-Known Member

    - What should be made? - A bot/trainer/program which let's your pc beep or something else like that (you know that annoying beep your pc makes sometimes) when you're dc'd or when something else happens what isn't supposed to happen (can't think of anything like that right now but It's an idea).
    - How long should they have? - A few days, like 2-3?
    - Public vote or panel of judges? - I think Judges will be the most efficiently because there will be random leechers/persons/ w/e who just look at the screenshot and judge by the GUI and stuff, and then vote for the best one. So I think judges 100% seeing they HAVE to test the program, seeing that's why they we're actually chosen to judge :D.
    - Prize Ideas for the winner? - like S3NSA stated, maybe a cash prize, or something like that. :D
  19. King Virus

    King Virus Banned Banned

    @ Nickerian

    I saw someone posting an Item Filter for v. 63.

    If u want me to make a list of all item ID's and put them in a list so u can tick them I'll,
    but it takes time to unpack the .wz and copy over all the id's.

    - What should be made?
    A simple bot with all public scripts.
    - How long should they have?
    As long as it takes to make it without bugs, knowing about making bots it shouldn't take longer than 3-4 days.
    - Public vote or panel of judges?
    Public, the community decides.
    - Prize Ideas for the winner?
    Perhaps the user title as mentioned above, giving money; a bit to early to do it now.
  20. SirJafel

    SirJafel Guest

    This is the most original idea (about what to make) :DDD fucking jakan...

    Anyways, just make something like a JQ rusher? (iknow you can only do it 5 times a day, just make it include multiple JQ's)
    about 2 ~ 3 days should be okay.
    Public votes, since it's just a JQ rusher.
    Got no idea for prize....
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