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Europe Question about DC

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by PlitEU, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. PlitEU

    PlitEU New Member

    Hello everybody :-),

    I just started a week ago with hacking. But I don't seem to get rid of the constant dc caused by this hacking things. I am using different programms :
    -One for auto pot/auto attack for aran
    -And one for kami and aran air check,
    -And also one for auto turn (so it hits more monsters and I can attack unlimited).

    Programm's I use:

    For the auto turn
    This one for Aran air check with kami
    And this one for auto pot/auto bot for aran.

    So when I use this programs I always DC after 5 min.
    Also when I don't do kami and just stand on one spot it also dc's after 5 min.
    I also tried to use just a unlimited attack (instead of auto turn) at Hai2u.ddl and it also DC's.
    And for the ones saying it'll be about my bypass, I am quite sure that isn't the thing because I just use one (NimoMSHSCRC.dll)...
    This DC is caused by the auto ban system.
    But when I do the autoban thing @ [​IMG]
    The aran attack bot doesn't work.
    So I am a little bit stuck. Maybe looking for some program that has all of this in it or some help to prevent the DC.
    (any tips? ;-) )

    Also is vacing possible? because I can't really find any programms where a vac really works (instead I use kami but maybe real vacs can train a little faster).
    I would live vacs that just drive the monsters to one side.

    Thank you for reading this
  2. 0star

    0star Member

    Maybe say what hacks use? so not like trainers
    but like full godmode?
  3. King Virus

    King Virus Banned Banned

    Don't tick the Auto Ban... only tick Aran Air Check and your fine.

    Use Noobiebot + Kami = pVac + Kami + 7 Miss Godmode + 50 Sec BP Godmode = Best.
  4. PlitEU

    PlitEU New Member

    I don't use godmode, I just stand on a save platform when botting (but with kami I use full godmode). In both cases I still DC...
  5. King Virus

    King Virus Banned Banned

    Read my reply.
  6. PlitEU

    PlitEU New Member

    I usually don;t tick the auto ban because I can't bot in combination with it.
    And If I just use aran air check with kami I D/C...

    Edit: sorry I didn't saw you edited your post, I'll test it thank you for the fast reply :D
    EDIT2: Btw using noobiebot I can't bot aran triple swing? it only gives one attack..
  7. 0star

    0star Member

    Dont use full gdmode!
  8. King Virus

    King Virus Banned Banned

    Use a Packet Sender and search in the release section for the "Aran Skill packets" and send the Packet and you'll be using triple swing.
  9. PlitEU

    PlitEU New Member

    Wellk I am very unexpirenced in it...
    I read the Aran skill packets but when I send it at noobiebot nothing happends?
    Any tuturiols or something?
  10. King Virus

    King Virus Banned Banned

    You send packets with a packet sender / sniffer.

    Download ZPI and send the packet.
  11. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    Send this packet and CC.
    7F 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 1D 00 00 00 01 E1 F5 41 01 53 00 00 00 00 2B 73 40 01
    Will put Triple swing on CTRL.
    If you want more, read the Aran skill hack packets thread carefully.

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