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Europe Rawrr (Undetected DxWnd)

Discussion in 'Hacks & Downloads' started by Klaffen, Aug 15, 2010.

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  1. Klaffen

    Klaffen ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Donor

    Just felt like posting this.
    See the difference between alt-enter and Rawrr
    The difference may not be big, bug with rawrr you can Minimize it!

    Q. What does Rawrr do?
    A. It forces maplestory into Window Mode (Real window mode, not the alt - enter versjon)

    Q. How to use this program?
    A. Open Rawrr. when its open right click and choose "Add". In that find the maplestory.exe file by pressing the ... after clicking on maplestory.exe in the add tab, click on Direct X 8! didnt get it to work with Direct X 9 for some weird reason.
  2. Ame92

    Ame92 New Member

    Theres no differences between alt+enter and dxwnd...
  3. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    Expect that ALT + ENTER doesn't work on Win 7 x64's, atleast it doesn't work for me on this PC. o_o
    Btw, why did you release DxWnd, it's detected and old version. Rawrr is better.
  4. Danny1994

    Danny1994 Likes to contribute Coder

    I haz Win7 64 bit and it wurks.
  5. Nickerian

    Nickerian Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    yes it is
    dxwnd will start maple in windows mode
    you can choose the size of the windows in dxwnd without resizing it
  6. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    Hmm... on my host OS Alt + Enter doesn't work but on (VMware) guest hosts it workz. All of 'em are Win7's.

    Credits of Dxwnd goes to:
    SFB7 (The author of the program)
    DoomsDay Translating and fixing an overlay bug.
  7. NonLeaf

    NonLeaf Well-Known Member

    I'm windows 7 32x and my alt + enter doesn't work :)
  8. lucas

    lucas Banned Banned

    I have win 7 64 bit and alt + enter works fine for me o.0
  9. Dor94

    Dor94 New Member

    i use win7 64bit and works
    anyway good release for the people who it ALT+ENTER does not work
  10. NonLeaf

    NonLeaf Well-Known Member

    yep nice release ;)
  11. CZNT

    CZNT Well-Known Member

    how i can bypaass dxwnd ?
    i try with winject + crc bypass and still detecting me
  12. Sezabi

    Sezabi Well-Known Member

    Use Rawrr, it is undetected DXWnd. Also when you alt+enter you can't resize that annoying maple window to a smaller one in the corner of the screen.
  13. Ex10Ded

    Ex10Ded New Member

    So is this the Rawrr version of DxWnd or just the detected regular one?
  14. Tunybob

    Tunybob Well-Known Member

    detected 1 :) Already tested.
  15. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    Rawrr is undetected one. No bypass needed.
  16. BeKo

    BeKo Member

    I have W7 and it works for me
  17. mageboys

    mageboys iPlayNaked Donor

    If this is the release of the deceted one, why not release the undetected one? lol, but nice i guess i didnt know about Rawr so thanks :)
  18. Klaffen

    Klaffen ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Donor

    sorry if it were detected :/ i didnt have a chance to test it using bypass. sorry
  19. Tunybob

    Tunybob Well-Known Member

    It's ok, well sez helped us anyway :D

    offtopic @ Jeg liker ost ♥
    Trans : i like cheese ♥
  20. Klaffen

    Klaffen ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Donor

    OKAY it now works! i googled Rawrr and uploaded it :) i just edited the first post. the download link and the virusscan are from the Rawrr, making pic now
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