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Europe [req] How to update a ce script

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by SakaNaka, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. SakaNaka

    SakaNaka Active Member

    Could some1 learn me how to update a CE script?
    Learn me in VERY EASY way >.<
    i dont know anything of updating a ce script xD pls help me =D

    soz for my bad english
  2. Lollage

    Lollage Well-Known Member

    If the script has a variable AoB in it , like 01 ?? 02 ?? 03 04 ?? and something like that, then you just start up your Cheat Engine, and start maplestory , but not click play yet.
    And then attach CE to Maplestory, click on memory view, then find > memory > tick Array of bytes, then copy paste the Variable AoB in that text box, press search, and the addy you'll get is the updated addy for the recent version ^0^

    If this isn't easy enough then go search on google ;d
  3. SakaNaka

    SakaNaka Active Member

    and if the AoB isn't variable? how can update it? cant i?
    and so if i did that all, will automatic update? so i dont have to do anything els?

    maar bedankt xD
  4. Lollage

    Lollage Well-Known Member

    Like when you have this Aob : 12 34 45 56 78 89 45 56 67 77 75 34
    And you have an adress : 00123456

    If the AoB isn't variable then you have to make it variable, which you can do by getting the .exe or .cem from the version which version the script is, and then go to the adress(es) used in the script, look at the opcodes, and the bytes ( bytes = AoB)
    Then you goto 00123456 and you'll see that like 12 34 45 56 is placed right of the adress , and the opcode is mov eax,[eax+28]
    Now you might think that 28 can change next patch, so you change 56 to ??'s because you compare the bytes with the opcode, and seeing 28 is the last part of the opcode, you also change the last part of the bytes next to the adress... and so on..

    Sorry if it isn't explained very well, but I suggest you to actually search for tutorials on how to update :D.

    And Noproblem :D.
  5. Ant3

    Ant3 Well-Known Member

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