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Warning Resie tried to scam.

Discussion in 'Hall of Shame' started by sjiinhoo, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. sjiinhoo

    sjiinhoo CCPLZ Donor Donor

    Yesterday 4 Jan 'Resie' wanted to buy some mesos from me. First he bought 5b from me, that trade went well. Later, not so long after the first trade he wanted to buy more mesos and wanted to buy 10b.

    He paid me for 10b mesos, I did transfer the money to my bank account so my balance on paypal was 0 euros. After I have done this, I went on ms and have paid him the 10b mesos. Today another person wanted to buy mesos, so I was looking on paypal if this person did send the money to me. I logged in and saw that my balance was in the minus. I looked into my email and received a email from paypal. 'Resie' did charged back his money.

    I did contact a mod here, and he told me to show proof with screenshots so I logged again on paypal and noticed that my balance was again 0 euros. I didnt know what happend so I looked again into my email. I received a email from paypal and they have told me that they gave me back the money, because they couldnt find any proof of what 'Resie' told them.

    Removed video right now because this case is under review

    ^ Video that ive paid him the 10b mesos.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2016
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  2. Resie

    Resie Trade Banned Trade Ban

    Must've been my brother if the paypal tried that. I will ensure he gets his money. Im not a scammer and never will be. Check back in a week and he will have his money
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  3. Hugh

    Hugh www.emsmesos.com Moderator Helper Donor

    I got pm'd by sjiinhoo yesterday about the user ''Resie'' and sjiinhoo said to me

    I continued to tell sjiinhoo that he should make a Hall of shame thread, with as much proof as possible, and so as sjiinhoo went away to get pictures uploaded, as he was going to take screenshots of the proof he checked his email and noticed Paypal denied the chargeback (as unauthorized access) so Resie lost the Charge Back, and sjiinhoo got his balance back to ''0'' (Because sjiinhoo withdrew the money) Now i see this as a Failed attempt at a chargeback. personally but the situation is not over just yet because then

    Made the hall of shame thread + give him negative feedback.

    And Resie comes on later and leaves @sjiinhoo negative feedback

    Now heres where things get weird.

    Resie contacts me on skype, I Normally change all Skype requested names to match their ccplz, so i know who i am talking to. and have not had Resie's Skype on mine before, but @tixz was the skype he contacted me on... and i tried to ask about it and got the response

    [00:43:55] emsmesos: Whats the ccplz name
    [00:44:05] Tixz: Mine is Resie
    [00:44:09] emsmesos: Because you have one called Tixz
    [00:44:19] Tixz: Thats not me
    [00:44:24] Tixz: Friend used my computer

    I told ''Tixz''(Resie) about how i always change people their ccplz But he ignored me and said

    [00:44:54] Tixz: Im Resie
    [00:45:09] Tixz: Could you check the hall of shame?
    [00:45:18] Tixz: Can change my name to Resie

    It does not make sense... to change his name to resie when he's already got an account, maybe he means skype i don't know... but anyway

    Its a difficult situation. but i will be getting a tradeban placed on @Resie and unless he can prove otherwise that it was not suppose to happen) and yes
    @Resie you did say '' that you would be willing to give money to pay him back in a few days'' but you didn't read the thread properly and know that @sjiinhoo ALREADY got the money to 0 because paypal won in HIS FAVOUR)

    I've removed the video link right now. unless you can make proof otherwise you will be permenantly tradebanned. (Meaning you won't have access to sell/trade/buy on ccplz forever. (or a possible permenant ban) we'll see what happens when everything clears up abit ..

    If i've missed anything out, or if you need something explained , then feel free to contact me.
    Also @tixz /@Resie you will also need to provide proper proof about @tixz account, else that will get tradebanned also.
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  4. Tryst

    Tryst (✿O‿O) http://maple.watch Administrator Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Allowing somebody to access your PayPal account is effectively giving them permission to act on your behalf. What benefit would your brother have in charging back money you've spent into your own account?
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  5. Resie

    Resie Trade Banned Trade Ban

    That is true. Ive asked my family and apperently it wasnt my brother. I was my father who thought I spent too much on maple. That is why he asked for a refund. I have now changed password on it so it can't happend again. About tixz account - that was a friend logging in a long time ago. Youre free to give me a trade ban but no need to ban him. Doubt he is active but still. Sorry for the stir this caused people!
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  6. sjiinhoo

    sjiinhoo CCPLZ Donor Donor

    I really dont get it? in our conversation youve told me different things, and here youve told us that it was your brother and now your father?
    You paid me 5 Jan at 1.15 am and I received the email from paypal at 1.30 am. How did your father even knew youve spend too much on maple? And also, so in like 10 mins ( between 1.15 and 1.30 ) right after I paid you in maple, your dad contacted paypal? Hmm, what a coincidence everything happened like this?
  7. Resie

    Resie Trade Banned Trade Ban

    Yes, he got the mail and asked for a refund. I claimed it was my brother - but like I said it was my father apperently. Bro I will ensure youll get the money, no need to worry
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  8. sjiinhoo

    sjiinhoo CCPLZ Donor Donor

    How could your dad got the email, when the paypal account is on your email? or if you meant 'me' about the email, then how did your dad knew you did spent too much on maple? and how did he knew at what time youve spend the money exactly?
    I also dont get it why you did said something else in our conversation, like 5 mins before you did reply on this thread that it was your brother.
  9. Resie

    Resie Trade Banned Trade Ban

    He gets my mails. Im not sure how I can be more clear about being wrong about it was my brother. I asked him and apperently it was my father. Again - I will ensure you'll get every "öre" of the money. No need to worry
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  10. sjiinhoo

    sjiinhoo CCPLZ Donor Donor

    Atm it doesnt really matter who it was, but what does matter is that it seems like 'Resie' is lying or whatever. I already got my money back, but not by 'Resie', besides that those are only words. It is just the idea that he tried to scam me or whatever, but like I said before, I already got my money back so ill leave it to a mod.
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  11. Martti

    Martti Well-Known Member

    dude your 23, why would your father get ur mails, unless u lied about ur age when registering here :wut:
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  12. Resie

    Resie Trade Banned Trade Ban

    I've got plenty of personal issues - keeping money being one. Simple reason
  13. sjiinhoo

    sjiinhoo CCPLZ Donor Donor

    Lol if thats one of the reasons, your parents should take away your card instead of receiving your emails. Your parents wont receive all the emails from everything youve spend, basically you can also just make another email to receive there the emails from what youve bought out paypal. Anyways thats my opinion.
  14. Robert

    Robert lol Moderator Dedicated Donor

    So, whats the status on this?
  15. sjiinhoo

    sjiinhoo CCPLZ Donor Donor

    I dont know, im kinda still waiting for that. But Hugh didnt replied back yet, hes the one I contacted with about this.
  16. Hugh

    Hugh www.emsmesos.com Moderator Helper Donor

    I've left it a few days so i could hear @Resie on what he had to say about the situation. but because @Resie has not made sense (even when i told him that he had to explain about why/how he were Linked to Tixz.) aswell as how the situation with the chargeback went.
    On the fact that he failed charging back the money his account @Resie and @tixz will be tradebanned.

    I've gave you enough time to explain yourself @Resie @tixz

    You will not be able to sell/buy on ccplz anymore. but you can browse/post in the normal forum./hall of shame.

    @sjiinhoo I removed the negative feedback @Resie left because it was not necessary
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2016
  17. sjiinhoo

    sjiinhoo CCPLZ Donor Donor

    Ok thanks for your help and the explanations.

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