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Selling S> Mesos and items in Bootes!

Discussion in 'Items' started by dragontqh, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. dragontqh

    dragontqh Member

    All transactions will be made only via PAYPAL.

    In stock: 5 B in Bootes. More mesos will be added soon.

    http://img801.ImageShack is toxicus/img801/792/mesor.png


    Darkness Ring I w/potential, clean- $7
    Darkness Shoulders w/potential, clean- S10
    (Image will be provided soon.)

    Buyer have to provide SOK for untradable equips, other parts of the darkness set are also available, pm me for more information.

    To prevent chargebacks, you are required to follow these steps:
    1. Send me a pm before sending payment, so that I can verify your Paypal account.

    2. Send payment in SGD through gift/services to my paypal acc, which you have to pm me for.

    3. Copy and paste this in the message box when sending payment: "This Paypal account belongs to me, and I am of legal age in my country to use Paypal services. I will not file a chargeback against the seller and this transaction is final. No refunds will be asked for.".

    4. Mesos purchased will be given to you immediately after I verify the payment. Do vouch if you are satisfied and I will do so too!

    If interested do comment or leave me a pm. ^^
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    Sale of mesos and items are official now! PM me regarding any queries or request, do not feel shy! :;):
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 22, 2013 ---
    Daily bump!
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2013
  2. SoLongZuckerZ

    SoLongZuckerZ (6) Active Member New Trader

    can i buy 1b
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  3. taxhaven

    taxhaven (4) CCPLZ Donor Donor New Trader

    Its been over 2 years since the thread was created as well as since the sellers last activity.

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