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Release Simpliest LegitBot [EMS V79.1]

Discussion in 'Europe MapleStory Hacks & Downloads' started by Vytenis, Dec 29, 2011.

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  1. Vytenis

    Vytenis Well-Known Member

    Alright, I had this bot long time ago, when I was still playing MS and I decided to re-release it. This tool has auto pot and auto skills, it helps when training legit so I was using it for that purpose. Use it if you like. Oh and if any mod wants the source I'll gladly give it to him.

    Also, forgot to say, if you want to show/hide/exit maplestory, you can use the tray icon aswell as the X buton.

    This doesn't need a bypass.



    2012-02-02 - Fixed bug that used pots non-stop.
    2012-01-19 - Added key selections and auto load / save settings.
    2011-12-31 - Added EXP timer.
    2011-12-30 - Added hotkeys on request (for all checkboxes).
    2011-12-30 - Added auto loot on request.

    Download | Virus Scan --- Links are removed - too lazy to update + source is released.

    NOTE: I haven't tested this version (V79.1), because my internet is kinda broken again, on shitty mobile internet now. So I'm not sure it works, if it doesn't - please report.

    How to use:
    After the window pops up, click on the two arrows to see the key config. Change the keys to fit your needs. Then you can click "<<" to hide the key config. After closing the bot, it will save the settings automatically and load them after injection. It saves / loads the key selections & HP/MP/Auto Skill values (delays).

    Last edited: Apr 29, 2012
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  2. iLikeAudi

    iLikeAudi Audis like me too :D

    nice release, so this is if u want to train legitly, but dont wanna care about checking ur skills and hp/mp regularly?

    edit: first, yeey
  3. u6koo

    u6koo Well-Known Member

    i guess useful if u train legitly, they can hardly detect auto pot/skill
    nice release :P
  4. Vytenis

    Vytenis Well-Known Member

    Yep, that's the purpose of this tool. And this won't get you banned, unless you leave auto skills on while being afk and a gm comes in the map, or if you leave auto pot on while being afk and someone summons monsters to kill you, but you don't die, while being afk :-D but I doubt that's possible :-S
  5. iLikeAudi

    iLikeAudi Audis like me too :D

    yeh true story.

    I might use this for my legitmain cuz after all this hacking, i ALWAYS forget potting/skilling xD
  6. arvi2xx

    arvi2xx Well-Known Member

    Saunuolis Vyteni :)
  7. Fayzan

    Fayzan Banned

    Maybe If u add an Auto Loot Box :D.
    It would be good or an auto cc but if that doesnt matter this bot is really Good and simple :D
  8. Vytenis

    Vytenis Well-Known Member

    Dekui :)
    I could add auto loot, that's easy. But auto cc isn't kinda legit, and also, if you're training, and someone comes in to your map, would you rather cc or ks him because he wanted to steal your spot? It's just a though, but I can add it as well on request.
  9. Fayzan

    Fayzan Banned

    Well your right there yh add it :D
  10. Vytenis

    Vytenis Well-Known Member

    Ok, new version will be up tomorrow then.
  11. Fayzan

    Fayzan Banned

    When u add auto loot can u add a shorcut button like you press F2 and auto loot comes on you know wat i mean :D.
    Well bro thats one great bot :D
  12. Vytenis

    Vytenis Well-Known Member

    Auto loot is done, link @ OP. I'll try with the shortcuts later.
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  13. Fayzan

    Fayzan Banned

    Nice man :D
  14. Razz

    Razz Dedicated Supporter

    Using a bot or 3rd party program is illegit anyway. This is not what i call a legit bot :wut:
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  15. Davva

    Davva ~Official HardStyler ~

    looks cool :o
  16. Vytenis

    Vytenis Well-Known Member

    Added hotkeys aswell, check them @ pop-up screen.

    Atleast you don't use any real hacks. :wut: What do you call legit bot then? :-S
  17. eggaa

    eggaa CCPLZ Donor

    Dar vienas lietuvis :-D
    OT : Good job.
  18. Razz

    Razz Dedicated Supporter

    Chilax legit bot thing. :3 Still not legit but pretends to :#
  19. Vytenis

    Vytenis Well-Known Member

    My GUI is smaller and this shit doesn't have maple window hooked to it, it makes it a bit cleaner.:F3: Anyways, maybe someone will find use in this, as it's not that big as Chilax's and has only basic stuff.
  20. Razz

    Razz Dedicated Supporter

    It can walk around the map and attack for you. This only auto pots attacks and loots...
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