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Giveaway Some games

Discussion in 'CCPLZ Giveaways' started by Ezenco, Feb 23, 2014.

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  1. zulk

    zulk Slightly Unhinged Donor

    34 steam
  2. Apeak

    Apeak ╭∩╮ Donor

    27 steam
  3. Daaantjeee

    Daaantjeee New Member

    17 steam :)
  4. Slaskiboyyyyy

    Slaskiboyyyyy Well-Known Member

    47 steam
    • Congratulations! Congratulations! x 1
  5. Mike =D

    Mike =D CCPLZ Donor Donor

    61 steam
  6. Spadows

    Spadows Well-Known Member

    66 steam
  7. Conquest

    Conquest Legendary Casanova Coder Donor

    74 steam
  8. Ezenco

    Ezenco Donor

    Congratz! I PM u the Crysis 2 key do u want origin or steam?
    • Heart-warming Heart-warming x 1
  9. CorruptedTNC

    CorruptedTNC Helper of the asses Donor

    I'm assuming that since the number was reset for burnout we're allowed another try for the steam key? If not pls ignore this
    5 steam
    • Congratulations! Congratulations! x 1
  10. Ezenco

    Ezenco Donor

    U even got it right I'll PM u
    • Thank You! Thank You! x 1
  11. DarthVader

    DarthVader No game is perfect, everything can be broken. Banned Donor

    80 steam c:
  12. Paw

    Paw Trade Banned Trade Ban

    67 steam
  13. SinEater

    SinEater Banned Banned

    origin 53
    • Facepalm Facepalm x 1
  14. Benjamin

    Benjamin Meh Banned Trade Ban Dedicated Donor

    Dude why bump a thread from FEB 23, 2014!?!
    • Made me laugh! Made me laugh! x 1
  15. SinEater

    SinEater Banned Banned

    Felt like it :D
  16. Ezenco

    Ezenco Donor

    LOL All my keys were on my previous pc in a notepad file I deleted. So I will close the thread
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