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Europe Something to Add to Bots..

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by tiagopsyko, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. tiagopsyko

    tiagopsyko Active Member

    Well guys, this isn't really a request but more like a suggestion..
    Well, sometimes when you overnight bot on a char lvl 1-30, or 6x-70, you get passed the Job adv. lvl. | it happened to me and I'm sure that it happened and will happen to others.
    So to avoyd this I thought about something I had on a Bot for GMS sometime ago.. It's a Level check / limit, where you set the max level you want to get that night and if your char gets to that level the Bot auto-closes MS.

    To me this is a good Add-on for bots, to others might not be.. But atleast it's something that might help.

  2. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    It doesnt matter because if you do pass your job advancement, your job instructor will give you your SP points that you missed out on but if you really dont want to miss your job adv or w/e then work out your % per min, then work out the % per hour, then just work out how many levels to your job adv, then put a auto shutdown on, instead of the bot closing maple and your computer running all night for no reason.
  3. tiagopsyko

    tiagopsyko Active Member

    Hum.. I see..
    I think I was away from MS for a long time xD..
    Thanks for that info guys.

    Mod lock this please :]
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