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Europe Spearman Training

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Benn, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Benn

    Benn Well-Known Member

    Decided after making many, many arans and getting no one but a big juicy bad, ima go old school and pick a good old Spearman. I will be botting this account but i have never had one, i understand there similar to Arans but more skills, not just the constant Ctrl key.

    Anyone tell me a quick guide on where to level.

  2. Chris

    Chris Well-Known Member

    Mini dungeon in Henesys,Sleepywood, (Zombie) Lupins in Ellinia to start with..
  3. Cuckoo

    Cuckoo Fuckeh Yuuu Donor

    well its about the same as aran but you can put the skills on key's w/o hacks the biggest tip you need is to get a high lvl final attack and use 100% final attack
  4. Benn

    Benn Well-Known Member

    Yh well just started him and botting now. Anyone want to give me mesos on Deme for pots and that?
  5. Cuckoo

    Cuckoo Fuckeh Yuuu Donor

    come fm 7 im online with my legit

    Edit: left already got bored PM me ur ign
  6. Benn

    Benn Well-Known Member

    Ok, sorry i didnt come i check this thread every now and then. Pming you now
  7. molukku

    molukku New Member

    people say that if you go LEGIT
    That you shouldnt USE final attack but go hybrid. in 3rd job you have 2 new attacks , 1 is stronger with SPEAR and the other is stronger with a POLE ARM.
  8. BeKo

    BeKo Member

    hybrid is the best with spearman
  9. Cuckoo

    Cuckoo Fuckeh Yuuu Donor

    lol if you go legit @ about lvl 120 you dont realy care about 2nd job skills 0.0
  10. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    F = Fighter
    P = Page
    S = Spearman
    $ = For profit and decent exp
    * = Recommended

    1st Job:
    Level 1-6: Snail Hunting Ground 1 - Snails
    Level 2-8: Snail Hunting Ground 2 & 3 - Snails
    Level 5-10: Split Road -Snails
    Level 8-10: Dangerous Forest
    Level 10-18: The Tree that Grew/Rose 1 - Slimes
    Level 10-18: Dungeon Southern Forest 1 * - Slimes
    Level 10-18: Henesys Hunting Ground 1 (2nd Lowest Platform) - Snails-
    Level 10-19: Henesys Party Quest -
    Level 12-20: Henesys Hunting Ground 1 (2nd Highest Platform) - Orange Mushrooms
    Level 15-25: Pig Beach $ - Pigs
    Level 15-25: Pig Mini Dungeon ***This area is available for a limited time during event times. (Pigs)
    Level 18-25: Henesys Hunting Ground 1 (Top Platform) - Green Mushrooms/Slimes
    Level 18-25: Dungeon Southern Forest 2-4 (4 = *) - Green Mushrooms
    Level 20-30: Orbis Tower Floor 18-20 $ - Jr.Sentinels
    Level 22-30: Ant Tunnel 1-4 - Zombie/Horned Mushrooms
    Level 25-30: Land of the Wild Boar 1 & 2 - Wild Boars
    Level 25-30: Excavation Site 3 $* - Stone/Wooden Masks

    2nd Job:
    F/P/S: Level 30-35: Ant Tunnel 1-4 -Zombie/Horned Mush
    F/P/S: Level 30-35: Land of the Wild Boar 1 & 2 -Wild Boars
    F/P/S: Level 30-35: Excavation Site 3 $* -Stone/Rocky Masks
    F/P/S: Level 30-35: Orbis Tower Floor 18-20 $ -Jr Sentinels
    F/P/S: Level 32-40: Evil Eye Cave 1-4 * - Evil Eyes
    F/P/S: Level 33-40: Terrace Hall - Teddy Bears
    F/P/S: Level 33-40: Eos Tower Floor 99 & 100 - Ratz
    F/P/S: Level 35-40: Eos Tower Floor 41
    F/P/S: Level 35-42: The Road to Garden of 3 Colors, Garden of Red 1, Garden of Green 1, Garden of Yellow 1, Purple Plains $ -Jr. Kitties
    F/P/S: Level 35-42: Purple Plains 1-2 $ - Sakura Cellions
    F/P/S: Level 35-42: Secret Factory* - Trojans
    F/P/S: Level 38-42: The Path of time, Lost Time 1 $ - Platoon Chronos
    F/P/S: Level 38-50: CPQ (Carnival PQ) - Various Ludibrium stuff
    F/P/S: Level 40-55: Eos Tower Floor 8 * - Block Golems
    F/P/S: Level 42-55: Hidden Tower -Block Golems
    F/P/S: Level 44-60: Practice Field: Easy Level* - Straw Target Dummies
    F/P/S: Level 45-60: Practice Field: Normal Level* -Straw Target/Wooden Dummies
    F/P/S: Level 46-60: Practice Field: Advanced Level* - Wooden Dummies
    F/P/S: Level 45-60: A Night in the Forest (Flat map + slash blast from side to side) -Paper Lanterns + Dark Cloud Fox
    F/P/S: Level 48-52: The Path of Time & Lost Time 2 $ - Master/Platoon Chronos
    F/P/S: Level 48-58: Someone Else's House -Iron Hogs
    F/P/S: Level 48-58: Defeat Monsters - Mecateon
    F/P/S: Level 50-55: Mountain Slopes - Electrophants/I.AM.ROBOT.
    F/P/S: Level 50-58: Watch out for Icy Path 1 & 2 -Jr. Yetis
    F/P/S: Level 50-65: Mountain Cliffs - Gryphons
    F/P/S: Level 51-70: Maze Party Quest - Various Stuff
    F/P/S: Level 52-60: Suburban Area 2 (Truckers)
    F/P/S: Level 54-65: Cold Field 1 * - Hectors & White Pangs
    F/P/S: Level 57-65: Forest of the Dead Trees 1-4 - Coolie Zombies
    F/P/S: Level 60-70: The Forest of Golem *$ - Stone/Dark Stone Golems
    F/P/S: Level 60-70: Orbis Party Quest - Various
    F/P/S: Level 60-70: Voodos/Hoodos (Too many map names to put up, find the map with decent spawn, you can go earlier, but be prepared for war)
    F/P: Level 60-70: Ice Valley 1 - Jr.Yetis/ Yetis / Transformed Jr.Yetis
    F/P: Level 60-70: Top of Black Mountain - Blins
    F/P/S: Level 60-70: Mysterious Path 3 (Various ghost monsters)
    F/P/S: Level 60-70: Ghost Ship 1, 2 (Slimys, Green Ghosts and etc)

    -DK/Dark Knight:
    Level 70-78: Mysterious Path 3 (Various ghost monsters)
    Level 70-78: Ghost Ship 1, 2, 5 (Slimys, Green Ghosts and etc)
    Level 75-82: Ghost Ship 6: (Anchorman)
    Level 70-75: Top of Black Mountain - Blins
    Level 70-75: Voodos/Hoodos *$
    Level 70-90: The Forest of Golem *$ - Stone/Dark Stone Golems ***(Past 77, this area is only for mesos making)
    Level 70-80: Mountain Cliffs - Gryphons
    Level 75-80: Red Nosed-Pirate Den 2 - Kruz / Captains (Party formation should be best exp gain)
    Level 75-82: Ghost Ship 6: (Anchorman)
    Level 78-90: Forgotten Path of Time 3 -Death Teddies (Do not go without a Priest following you, otherwise you will drain TOO many potions)
    Level 78-95: Lost Time * - Master Death Teddies(Do not go without a Priest following you, otherwise you will drain TOO many potions)
    Level 78-90: The Area of Black Kentaurus *- Black Kentaurus(Same as DT's, try going with a Priest as they're healable)
    Level 80-95: The Area of Blue Kentaurus * - Blue Kentaurus(Recommended a Priest come with you in the early levels)
    Level 80-95: The Area of Red Kentaurus * - Red Kentaurus(You can probably find a Priest if you're lucky, as they also drop weapons for them)
    Level 85-120: Wolf Spider Cavern *$ - Wolf Spiders
    Level 85-90: Cavern of Fortitude (I would think Fury works well here, just mob them all to a corner)
    Level 90-120: Forbidden Time * -Grim Phantom Watches (Do not go without a Priest following you, otherwise you will drain TOO many potions)
    Level 93-120: Warped Path of Time 4 * - Spirit Vikings(recommended party formation)
    Level 94-120: Dangerous Sea Gorge 2 * - Lethal / Rissel Squids
    Level 95-120: Deep Sea Gorge 2 * - Goby / Bone Fish(Recommended a Priest follow party formation if before level 100)
    Level 100-120: Red Wyvern's Nest -Red Wyverns (Same party formation as Dual Parties: Priest, and 1-2 other attackers)
    Level 100-120: Encounter with Buddha - Himes
    Level 110-120+: Armory - Bains / Boss
    Level 110-123: Dragon Forest III Brextons and Dark Cornians ***(Polearm Users rejoice, the big mobs in this map will be full of fun and exp)
    Level 110-120: Path of Peril : Typhons (these comes in huge mobs, just use Roar to lure them and kill them. I suggest taking touch damage as magic throws you off map)
    Level 110-130+: Blue Wyvern's Nest: Blue Wyverns ***(Suggested going with a Bishop and/or ArchMage as that will greatly boost exp rate)
    Level 130-140+:Destroyed Dragon Nest * - Jr.Newties / Newt Golems (You can go at 120 if you want, but you'd just be leeching. 130 assuming you went Berserk first)
    Level 130-140+: The Dragon Nest Left Behind * - Skelegons / Skelesasurus (You can go at 120 if you want, but you'd just be leeching. 130 assuming you went Berserk first)

    Credits to Blazes.
    Complete Guide : Here.
    Note : This is made for legit players, you might want to avoid the HotSpot maps like MP3 and such.
  11. BeKo

    BeKo Member

    some of these maps do not exist in EMS
  12. motzzz

    motzzz Well-Known Member

    lol i did lvl 100 to 120 on my dk in 1.5 weeks at vikings :>
  13. markb95

    markb95 Banned Banned

    LVL 50 spearman needs help, i'm leveling slow. Currently Botting at Beginners field with KAMI+Monster Tele 4+ Pvac Right. Using Power strike as attack. Please tell me the best way.
  14. Tattuffino

    Tattuffino Member

    Golems. AWL, Kami, Monster Tele. use slash blast.
  15. markb95

    markb95 Banned Banned

    dungeon or fag?

    [edit] Just got banned @ FAG 16:14.
  16. Tattuffino

    Tattuffino Member

    u mean FoG? i quess.
    Going FoG is stupid, to many legits.
  17. markb95

    markb95 Banned Banned

    No1 was there, turned on my kami and 1 second later, seriously, 1 second later i get banned. Like the GM's were waiting there for me :S?
  18. Miauri

    Miauri Well-Known Member

    AWL dc's. use fvac @ iBotYou @ the map outside FoG (+ kami ofc)
  19. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    AWL doesnt dc o,o
  20. Tattuffino

    Tattuffino Member

    AWL doesnt dc..

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