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Giveaway Steam games

Discussion in 'CCPLZ Giveaways' started by LucyNya, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. DarQScreaM

    DarQScreaM Ninja turtle Donor

    Sengoku :3
  2. LucyNya

    LucyNya I don't trust many people Donor

    This thing is alive again. So uh, yay for games i guess?
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  3. Mach

    Mach Dedicated Supporter Dedicated Donor

    Super Meatboy please :-/

    Thank you so much ♥
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2015
  4. karasu98

    karasu98 Well-Known Member

    Hi. I would be more than glad if you gave me a code for Teleglitch: Die More Edition. ::3:
  5. duy tri

    duy tri Well-Known Member

    Day One: Garry's Incident would be awesome :)
  6. I would love Guacamelee! Gold Edition
  7. Davva

    Davva Bmw E30 Donor

    Would love Command H.Q. if you still have it! :3
  8. Krustan

    Krustan CCPLZ Donor Donor

    Could i have a copy of LIMBO ? :)
  9. LucyNya

    LucyNya I don't trust many people Donor

    Added a lot of games from some random bundles. Mostly just Indie stuff but maybe someone enjoys them.
  10. duy tri

    duy tri Well-Known Member

    Collateral would be great too :)
  11. muzzt

    muzzt Member

    Race injection please ♥
  12. 복숭아

    복숭아 Not too shabby Donor

    one year ago I already asked for a game, if its still alright I would love to get Antichamber :)
  13. LucyNya

    LucyNya I don't trust many people Donor

    It's mostly just the people that ask multiple games a day that kind of irritate me but yeah, of course you can have another game since it's been a year already :P
  14. Btw, I love Guacamelee ♥ Been playing it for 6 hours today. Huge recommendation for anyone who likes 2d style platformer/puzzle/indie games. This game is pure joy! (please note: you really want to have a PC controller for this)

    The game reminds me of a mix of Rayman Legends and arcade puzzle games.

    ...Shit dawg, 6 hours in 1 day...
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  15. LucyNya

    LucyNya I don't trust many people Donor

    A HUGE thank you to Jafel for donating a copy of the newest Bundle :) The list has been updated. Also the games with x2 after their name mean there are multiple keys available for that game.
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  16. s0zm3xZ

    s0zm3xZ Well-Known Member

    can i have dungeon defenders please? ♥
  17. tooflame

    tooflame Well-Known Member

    I would love to have World of Goo if I may :)
  18. pogey

    pogey CCPLZ Donor Donor

    Super Meat Boy still available? I would appreciate it if it wasn't :)
  19. LucyNya

    LucyNya I don't trust many people Donor

    It doesn't let me PM you. PM me to get your link.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 17, 2015 ---
    Thank you to Mach for giving out Cities in Motion 2 and Psychonauts for the list :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 10, 2015 ---
    Almost forgot what a computer looks like thanks to matriculation examination taking place last month.
    Jokes aside, list has been updated with a few games i bought during the time i've been away.
  20. Tzahker

    Tzahker Well-Known Member

    I would really like to get "Company of Heroes" :)

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