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Pending [Suggestion] Shoutbox Rooms

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Original, Oct 20, 2015.



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  2. No

  1. Original

    Original ♛ Mikaelson ♛ Donor

    • Allow create more room chat for TaigaChat.
    • All permission was depend of TaigaChat
    • Support popup for each rooms :D
    • Members in chat for each rooms :D
    • Support switch each rooms on forum list (Need installed addon: [bd] Widget Framework)

    I have used this addon before. This can make the shoutbox have rooms.
    This can be very usefull for multi language, a room for price checks, trades or even staff help. Its even possible to have a staff chat for staff only.
    I see many usefull things we can do with this.
    The price is 13 usd. I am willing to pay 4 usd for this. So if there are any other people who are willing to help getting this addon for CCPLZ, it would be awesome.

    EDIT :
    @Kent You can even create a room for this https://ccplz.net/threads/user-ban-management.66958/

    I'm sorry to produce my thread like this. But i don't have alot time now.
    Vote yes or No
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  2. Swanniie

    Swanniie Time = Money Donor

    Good idea,

    But(sadly), I must say CCPLZ Shoutbox user-base is not big enough for something like this.

    Could work for dutch/english rooms though, they are obviously the main 2 languages used here.
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  3. Original

    Original ♛ Mikaelson ♛ Donor

    I personally think it is big enough.
  4. Define

    Define CCPLZ Donor Donor

    It's a good idea, but indeed only for the english/dutch rooms.

    I share your opinion!
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  5. Aardbei

    Aardbei http://www.unban-taku.com/ Donor

    What's wrong with the current situation?
  6. Robert

    Robert lol Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Won't be implemented because the current shoutbox plugin doesn't support this.
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  7. Original

    Original ♛ Mikaelson ♛ Donor

    Hmmm it worked for me on my taigechat?
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 21, 2015 ---
    There is nothing wrong with the current one.
    But wouldn't it be cool if we could have a dutch room?
  8. Jura

    Jura Member

    I don't think it's bad, but wouldnt a dutch room just split the already relative small community into 2? Most of us are dutch, so the current shoutbox will be quite empty
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  9. I don't see any actual added value in this addon.

    It could be neat for a very small amount of people, but that is not enough.
  10. Original

    Original ♛ Mikaelson ♛ Donor

    You have a point, but you can be in more rooms than one.
  11. Robert

    Robert lol Moderator Dedicated Donor

    - Multiple rooms are not fully supported, but there is a workaround method to use them as described in the first post of the discussion thread.

    Yo @Kent can we have this workaround method on CCPLZ :D?
  12. 복숭아

    복숭아 Not too shabby Donor

    Splitting 5 people into 2 rooms yey
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  13. I would support this idea for just 1 reason: trade/price check room. If we would allow that, it's not too hard to supervise. Give the room a specific use and rules and it could very well improve speed/efficiency of trading or price checks. The only downside to this is that trades made through shoutbox are not as well documented and can be harder to prove in case of a scam.

    I don't see any reason for any other type of shoutbox room.
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  14. uddaz

    uddaz What's a king to a God? What's a God to Uddaz? Donor

    I think there should be a shoutbox room without any rules where you can post whatever you want without being banned :) Reasons
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  15. TheLegend27

    TheLegend27 Well-Known Member

    Then it would turn into a pornhub comment section :wut:
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  16. uddaz

    uddaz What's a king to a God? What's a God to Uddaz? Donor

    banrate on this forum would go down by alot
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  17. iLikeAudi

    iLikeAudi Audis like me too :D Dedicated Donor

    Inb4 that room gets bigget than the common one xd
  18. JD

    JD Pi-ka-boo Donor

    Seeing as the majority of the people interested in multiple shoutboxes are donors..
    Ever thought of just hopping onto the Donor Shoutbox instead? Nobody ever even uses it, so why would we need more?

    Err, perhaps if people started behaving rather than acting like dicks all the time the banrate would probably drop more drastically than when you would add another shoutbox.
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  19. Ford

    Ford PC Brah Donor

    This would be ideal, as other than the users who have quit Maplestory and remain around for the social side of things and users looking to leech hacks/exploits, CCPLZ has a pretty decent market scene and it would be ideal for users to have an area to actively chat about things. Obviously, It wouldn't be recommended to do trades solely in the shoutbox, but, discussions about items, the market etc etc, would promote more activity.
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