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Pending Thanks button

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nebbis, Sep 21, 2010.


What do you think?

  1. Yes

    9 vote(s)
  2. No

    3 vote(s)
  1. Nebbis

    Nebbis Banned Banned

    I think that would be good to prevent all the spamming replies.
  2. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

  3. DarkSpace

    DarkSpace Well-Known Member Coder

    a thanks button would be nice.
    or not even a thanks button but thread fame if you will.

    more thread fame = good release/download
    low or no fame = bad or virus

    also a rep system.
    i am a coder. i'd like to have my title changed to a coder or something.
    now my label is a "Hacker". i am not an actual hacker because fk, i dont even play maplestory that much.

    anyhow. yes some fame/rep/thanks system would be nice on this site.
  4. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    I do dislike the thanks button as used on GameKiller and much prefer the reputation system found on CEF.
    If anyone finds an add-on for vBulletin on vBulletin.org that's like the CEF reputation system, let me know and I will implement it.
  5. Nebbis

    Nebbis Banned Banned

    Are you going with the repulation system then?
  6. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    If we can find one that's suitable, sure.
  7. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    I found something like this. Maybe it's worth a try? :x

    And I also found this which is quite similiar to the first one.


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