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The End of an Era - A Final Thank You

Discussion in 'Goodbye' started by S3NSA, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    The End of an Era

    Hello everyone,

    The time is here, this is the official start of the resting state of CCPLZ. The forum won't be closing, not as was initially thought at least. The forum will remain online for the foreseeable future, but in a restricted state. The objective of these changes is not to stimulate activity here, but rather provide a lasting archive to return to whenever nostalgia or memories crop up.

    This wasn't a trick or a troll either, the forum was very much set to close. Even up until two days ago things weren't a certainty as to whether you would be seeing anything on this domain today. I say this just to say that I wholeheartedly appreciate the outpouring of sentiment in the goodbye thread. Words cannot accurately describe how it feels to read those comments as I look back on the life of this forum, and at a time where we thought we would be lucky to get even a hundred members.

    Thank you. A thousand times, thank you. CCPLZ is great not because of me, or any one person. It is great because of all of you. It is great because of the amazing staff that have dedicated countless hours to ensuring this community not only remains fun, but also safe. I have never been so proud of something I've made, but I'm only proud because of the life within it. At every turn the community here has helped CCPLZ become what it has. We have some of the most dedicated, generous and hard-working people of any community I've ever been a part of. From keeping the servers on, to upgrading forum software, through to working through the night on releases for the community to writing in-depth guides to help others. This community helped each other through the good times and bad.

    When this all began, It wasn't even a thought that someone might one day refer to this as being the best community they had been a part of. For that to be true, well, that's the best I could ever have hoped could happen for CCPLZ.

    So thank you, every single one of you, for being a community that that can be said for.

    Forum Changes - The Plan
    • Registrations are closed. The community is as it is.
    • The shoutbox will be replaced with a link to the Discord.
    • The majority of forums and forum functions are closing [from new submissions] including releases and trading.
    • A few will remain open for those wishing to leave messages from now until ~
    • Bans may be upturned pending further discussion.
    • Any bans from hereon out will be permanent in the full sense of the word.
    • ????

    Don't Panic.
    You don't need to read the rest.

    For the majority of you it won't be important or interesting. For me, this is my chance as the only remaining co-founder to write a final goodbye to both the forum and the community, and my reputation for long posts comes with some expectation when it comes to my last address.

    To Staff

    I am forever indebted to you. Thank you, for your hard work, your patience, for your passion, for your guidance and your dedication. I apologize in sincerity for the times I have let you down. Times I have been foolish, ignorant and stubborn. Thank you for the great moments and discussions I've had with each of you. My door will always be open to any of you should you find yourselves in the South of England.

    You are, and have been, the pillars of the community. Look around at what you helped shape.

    CCPLZ will mean something different to each of you, but it's something all of us have worked to protect and better. Something you guys have committed countless hours to after I left, and the fruits of which were visible whenever I poked my head around the corner. You afforded me the opportunity to move on in life and not worry as a result, and that means a lot to me. It wouldn't have been possible without you all, and please do share sentiments from your time here in this post should you wish to.

    It's been a long, rocky journey but you are my online family. You're all people I have depended upon at various moments, and probably berated on numerous others. I appreciate everything you've done and am sorry for the times when that wasn't apparent. Every one of you deserves the best in life, and I wish that of you. If you should ever need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out.


    There is a moment in the timeline of CCPLZ that is permanently etched into the minds of many. It's something we have plans to commemorate separately to this thread but his name should be stated as his legacy on the forum is extensive and lasting.

    To say John was a member of staff here would be a colossal disservice to him. He injected a soul into the community on a personal level beyond the ability of others. Despite having every excuse to just focus on himself due to significant life struggles, he dedicated long days to helping the people of this forum. Not only in his releases and his work helping moderate the multitude of threads, but helping people one to one on everything from technical problems to problems of the heart, mind and soul. He provided sage council to many and a friendship to whomever sought it, myself included.

    He was intertwined with the community like no-one else has been I think. He was the mark of a true man, but sadly he passed away on June 24th 2013. To us, he vanished. We don't tend to poke our noses beyond the boundaries of the forum, but awhile later Devchan became curious and had a gentle look around the internet. It was there he discovered what had happened, and passed it on to us. It impacted a lot of members here in ways that are different to each, which shows the impact he had had upon them.

    If you're drinking tonight, please raise a glass to the greatest man this forum ever knew.


    Thank you John, for everything you did and being someone every single member here could look up to.


    Hey fabulous. It's been a long journey, even though my part in it came to a close you kept going. Thank you. If Jony and I started the forum and got it on it's feet, you were the one who nurtured CCPLZ and kept a watchful eye over every cog turning inside of her thereafter. I can't remember when we first really spoke to each other, though I'm guessing it was on the CEF IRC at some point. I just remember you being compactwater back then and my admiring of your ability to trigger Irwin as much as I seemed to.

    I've always respected the way you handle yourself, even if you're often the Snorlax to my Route 16. You are resolute in your protection of this place and it's admirable and recognizable to anyone who's spent any length of time here. The absolute nature of this protection, as is well known, often caused sparks to fly when I suggested something more superfluous or fanciful in our approach to the forum. Directly or inadvertently you always managed to temper the storm though, and we always reached a compromise that resulted in many really neat things happening in the lifetime of the forum. Honestly, I lot of the time the frustration was probably due to the fact that you had me by the balls with your technical knowledge relative to mine.. and we all know how much you like balls. That's another admirable trait; your pride. You do you, and I respect that – plus you always shut people down in the most hilarious of ways that it's almost a grace that you have some controversial interests.

    Magnificent in your subtlety. Unlike almost every other person I formed a strong connection to over the years I still don't know much about you in life. Which is no bad thing, and I've never sought to know more than you've been willing to give beyond the odd curiosity. Despite that I feel we really have connected over the years, and it's been great to get to know you. For the times you've given me council on not only things related to the forum and the community, but life as well. Even when I was on the outside looking in through the window, I was still looking for your face. I will always hope to see it, in some place or another online.

    Thank you for everything, for this and for allowing me to have this great moment in time to forever look back upon. I love you bro, and this is no higher praise than I need:


    Me, S3NSA & CCPLZ - A Goodbye

    This is my formal goodbye to both the community at large and this forum. Although I haven't been active for awhile I've never officially concluded it and this feels like an appropriate moment to do so. Those that have known me for awhile will probably know that I'll be listening to an album while writing this, so for those of you it is Wild Alee by Talos, right now this track in particular. I'm an emotional sod but it sets the tone.

    I want to go over what led to CCPLZ, and the community we have now. I want to let you know all of the hidden things that which without, none of you would be here looking back on the life of this forum.

    The Beginning

    I founded this forum with an old friend named Jonyleeson in April of 2010. My time in the community started in 2006 with MPC Forums when I was 16. Back then I was an emo, dyed my hair brown, skateboarded and didn't know much about life at all. Since then I've had a seven year relationship with what I thought was the love of my life, broke up with her in what was the most devastating time of my life, met a radiant woman by chance who I've been in a three year relationship with, and I fully intend to marry and hopefully start a family with. I've had a cancer scare in the family, I've moved homes six times, been in three different jobs and lived in five different parts of England. I'm 28 now, a completely different person to who I was back then and the entire journey has been permeated with MapleStory and the hacking community. It's safe to say it means a lot to me. For the ups and downs in my life it, and the friends therein, have been there to support and accompany me.

    It all started with a Google search for "vac hack MapleStory" in the library at College. I had really only used the internet as a utility until then, and MapleStory was the first MMORPG I'd tried out. I knew about internet communities but had only used their existing information as a resource, like finding answers on GameFAQs. I came to MPC for the hacks but the community really hit me and I found myself unable to stop jumping back into it. At the time I was studying Graphic Design but every lesson I'd spend 5m putting together some piece of shit in Photoshop before jumping back into MPC for the remainder of the lesson. My alt-tab game grew strong in a matter of days.

    I was an utter noob also. I didn't understand anything beyond ticking ZF for Godmode and ticking SSEAX in a cheat table to suck an NPC under the sauna in Sleepywood to crash the game for those inside, trapping them. I managed to annoy Kittonkicker by cracking his Cheat Engine and re-releasing under a different name. I packaged everyone else's hard work and made it convenient in a single download known as "hack packs". Leechers loved me, forum celebrities not so much. I wanted to do something to give back but was naive to many aspects of the community and it's faux pas. So eventually I became a moderator as a result of getting my name out there (first The Sanctum, then S3NSA) and reporting a load of people. That was it. I now had a reason beyond hacks to be on the forum and I was hooked.

    I got a D in Graphic Design in the end, and failed a number of other subjects because I'd been playing MapleStory and moderating MPC instead of doing any substantial work. That said, I had inadvertently been making forum signatures for people on Sleepywood.net (it's depressing when the forums you mention don't exist any more – a testament in part to why I'm not doing the same) and had been using Photoshop for that reason. I'd always been interested in Art so I applied to University with a portfolio I made and managed to get in by the grace of god. Around this time I was now a member of CEF and time starts to blend together a bit. CEF, for me, were the golden years. I don't mean that to diminish anything for CCPLZ, but CEF holds special resonance because no part of CCPLZ could or would have ever happened without the people I met and spent years chatting utter shit to for half a decade. The times I found myself awake at 3am clenching my stomach in pain from laughing so hard.

    During 'The CEF Years' I became a moderator there, became exposed for pretending to be a girl, meme'd my way out of it and somehow ended up being involved with some of the most talented people in the scene and some of the best people I've known in my life. Had access to the secret MapleStory forum and then even the Secret Secret forum. Then had my own Secret forum. Then it's own Secret Secret forum. It was a fun time and I had a lot of laughs with a lot of people. In a time where intolerance is on the rise around the world I genuinely look back on these interactions as an immediate learning point that people could be great regardless of race, background, location or other meaningless factor. It's where I met Jonyleeson and Kent (then compactwater). Two people that I could not be more fond of were I to have known them in person. The former who allowed us to start all of what you see now, and the latter that has allowed it to continue far past the time demanded by any sense of duty.

    The Middle

    There's a rich history woven between CEF and CCPLZ that includes becoming a moderator of W8Baby/GamerSoul, an administrator of GameKiller, an admin of GGCRC, part of an awesome group called #XPI and part of an unfortunate and regrettable period surrounding XPI. That's less related to here though so I'll skip over it as I'm sure most of it won't be of interest. What matters most is that through the aforementioned I really became ingrained and engrossed in the community. It has been a large part of my life in total and the times there led to the success of CCPLZ through relationships with other forums. I owe a lot of people involved then a lot of thanks.

    When #XPI collapsed following the drama surrounding XPI, Jonyleeson and I discussed the possibility of creating a forum. The idea was simple; until that point the majority of EMS hacking discussion with any real push behind it was still being done in a subsection on a large GMS forum. I'm from England and Jonyleeson from France, so we felt Europe deserved their own space. Jony was well regarded in the community for his talent in programming, and I somehow had stumbled into notoriety and community favour over the years. This afforded us a real opportunity to create something that had a chance, even though it would be our first times actually trying to start a community from scratch.

    First came the name. We didn't like the typical 'GameHacks' type of name as it seemed too edgy and was commonplace at the time. We needed something specific to the MapleStory community, or at least something recognizable to it. We also wanted something that couldn't easily be banned in-game so that others could at least tell them to Google the name if not the URL. So, after a few nights on IRC we had it; CCPLZ. It was short, recognizable and couldn't be banned from the game chat without disturbing a common phrase among the community vocabulary. Dot com was too formal, net was more casual and inviting.

    This was the first logo we had:


    With that, and a copy of vBulletin hot off the pirate ship, we started building the base. We added a number of the most obvious forums and collected some hacks from friends that we would use to help launch the site. I was an admin on GameKiller at the time and with the permission of Blaze was allowed to put a thread up on the EMS subforum promoting CCPLZ as being a home for people that were just interested in EMS hacking. The compromise was that we wouldn't add a GMS section in the immediate future and, since we didn't plan to, it wasn't a problem.

    With it all set Jony, I and a few others from the old #XPI crowd sat in the IRC chat as we unveiled it, posted the post and waited. The first few registrations came in, and it was really cool to see. Soon we were up to double digits, and then on the way to 50. By the end of the first day we had 100 members. People were posting and interacting, slowly filling the cracks of the forum with threads, posts and memes. I spent the night talking to everyone, sorting out things to do and planning with Jony what we could do and add next. Every night prior had been spent under the umbrella of one or another community, this time it was our own and that made is something particularly exciting and interesting. That feeling has persisted through every good and bad interaction I've had here, and even now as I sit writing this it's still crazy to think of just how little we knew we were in for.

    The forum grew as word spread and we started to fill out our own little corner of the internet. Soon we had hacks being posted, hacks being downloaded, staff banning people, people posting big black dicks where they shouldn't do and all the other usual signs of forum life. Even at that stage I could go into a thread and see people I'd never heard of discussing things and getting to know each other. It was neat to see and things seemed to be going well.

    All good things attract drama though and before long we had the first major crisis on the forum. It turned out that not only had someone released a jewhook (JH) in one of the most prominent releases at the time, but it was also a staff member and one of the people Jony and I had both trusted since the beginning. I'm not going to labour the point, most still reading will probably know who I'm referring to but the important thing is is that it tore a hole in the Utopia that I'd felt CCPLZ was. As with every drama that occurs, they come out of nowhere and blindside you and then you find yourself trying to piece together what's left.

    Trust is a major factor in any community and it's a prime factor of why I got to hang out with the kool kids despite having no programming knowledge. Now, the forum Jony and I had made had inadvertently helped put the accounts of our members at risk, and via a staff member no less. Now obviously every hacking forum faces this problem and these types of things are always a risk but this was our first drama and it was horrible. We banned the person responsible and went into damage control. It was alright, we recovered but it really set a somber tone for us moving forward. We had to be a lot more vigilant and reassuring moving forward.

    Sadly though, it's not always possible and we had a string of dramas to the CCPLZ name. Thankfully only a few of them were major with the whole largely being preempted or being community/social based – something I disliked equally as much but was less of a risk to the forum and its members. I won't go on about the various idiots that released things to try and exploit our members, but one time stood out in particular and involved a real shift in how I looked at not only the forum, but the community as a whole. I was on holiday in Portugal at the time with my then-girlfriend on the only occasion we'd had to go abroad in the year. It was a two-week holiday and I'd handed off the forum to the staff and – I believe – Kent at the time. Jony was gone by then which I'll touch on a bit later on.

    About a week into the holiday and all was going well. I'd quickly check my PM's in the morning to make sure I wasn't missing anything urgent and I wasn't, until I was. Another JH, another idiot. One moderator was seemingly implicated but denied it. People seemed sure but others were blaming someone else and another release. Moderators weren't sure what was going on since they were being accused and Kent was asleep at the time. So I had to jump on. Needless to say my girlfriend wasn't too impressed, and I didn't blame her – but at the same time members of the forum were still at risk and everything needed to be pinned down. The drama from this took chunks of days to fully sort out and clear up, and ruined the remainder of the trip as it cast a shadow over me wherever I went even when I wasn't working on it, I was just anxious about what was happening.

    That marked a turning point in how I viewed the forum that has remained to this day. I think it was around then that we enacted the zero-drama policy and I took a much heavier hand in my moderation of the community. The zero-warning policy came from a complete exhaustion of having to not only be active within the community and help administrate it – alongside working full time – but now also finding myself sorting out dramas and squabbles between people that were completely meaningless but one way or another blowing up to become a big thing. It really is no small undertaking, and it's why everyone should pay more mind to moderators of communities. For where I was, with all that had happened, this really was the first wedge that came between me and the forum. I still loved it, but I was fatigued at having to be hyper-alert for any impending drama, be it real, fake, serious, stupid or minor. It was like a few dead pixels on a screen; when you get immersed they fade away but they're still there for most of the time and serve to pull you away from the fun.

    So, what about Jony? Well, at some point or another glorious old Nexon decided they'd had enough of GamerSoul (formerly known as W8Baby) and took them to court. Yes, real court with real lawyers and real prison sentences. This shook the ground for a few communities, it had happened for other games and CEF's MapleStory section had collapsed under a DMCA threat but this was sudden and very tangible. Court documents were being posted to South Perry – an old MapleStory community – and you could see usernames we all recognized there in black and white, next to their real names and a whole host of allegations leveled at them by Nexon's grade-A retard Lloyd Korn.

    This scared us a little bit but we weren't selling hacks on the forum and thus it seemed like it was different, albeit a little close to home. Then things changed. Some more court documents were released from the defense attorneys appointed to one of the staff members of GamerSoul, we browsed over them and our hearts skipped a beat. There we were, labelled by them as examples of other hacking forums as part of their Motion to Dismiss. ccplz.net was in a court document. Not only that, but both Jonyleeson and I were directly mentioned.

    This really changed things up. I can remember it happening clear as day. Jony decided to leave, and I couldn't blame him. Both of our real-world identities were well known and attached to our pseudonyms so were anyone to look for half a minute they would know where to send the legal papers. This left Kent (who was largely in the background at the time and not mentioned in the docs) and I deciding what to do. I thought that was it, in the middle of it all. We were at our peak time and I thought we'd have to close like CEF had. It fucking sucked. Sucked enough in fact that though some foolhardy logic in my head that yes, we weren't selling hacks, it's not the same and a strong "fuck you" to GamerSoul for trying to scapegoat us, we persisted. It was dumb, probably. I still have no idea whether they ever came close to pursing us. I do know though, thanks to Kent, that we have had several Nexon IP's register accounts over the years, from around that time onward. I also know that I would've been royally fucked and Kent not so much. I loved the community though, and it wasn't a hard decision to continue through it on the proviso we didn't have a VIP section.

    This is where Kent really stepped up to the plate. He took over fully and managed all of the forum outside of the community and the dumb shit I was perpetually doing with the banner or CSS. Kent has the patience of a saint. He is the most cool, calm and calculated person I've ever known and this forum is still here today because of him, not me. Behind the veil Kent has worked tirelessly ever since that day (and even before) to now to keep this forum safe, secure, online and running smoothly. I'm the paint job on the outside of the car, Kent is the engine, the wheels and about everything else you need for it to be useful.

    For me, my driving goal behind the forum was for it to be a warm, friendly community that was safe but also felt a little more 'loose' than other forums with harsher moderation. This fluctuated over time with a variety of events but I always wanted CCPLZ to be a place where you could shoot the shit with the administrator, not see them as this cold profile that you only dare approach if your friend has locked themselves out of their account or you need to report someone. This approach has resulted in a lot of drama, a lot of anxiety and a fair portion of regrettable and poor decisions. I am not infallible – even if I once acted like it, and I certainly have my fair share of things that I did wrong.

    That said, I would never go back and choose the cold, isolated approach. I have had some of the best moments in my life, some of the best basic interactions with other humans that I think one can have, and certainly many that I will look back to in however much of a future I'm lucky to have. One of these is the small CCPLZ Meetup that we had on July 26th 2014 in London, that saw @Shinso, @AutoAssemble, @Azertify and I travel to London to meet each other. It was a bit awkward at first as you might expect, but soon we were walking and talking, laughing and having fun. For me it was members of staff on a forum that came from nothing, meeting somewhere in real life to say hello to each other properly. It was awesome. It's this that, for me, is the foundation of humanity and why CCPLZ means so much to me. People connecting, people forgetting why they met and staying because they enjoy the company.

    I have been fortunate enough to know a great many people in my time in the community, I will never be able to name them all so I will settle with the ones now long gone, edited in in a few days once it's comprehensive enough. To those still around, this entire forum and goodbye is a testament to you.

    The End

    As time went on, the time required to be both active in the community and moderate it became too much. It really is a full time job in and of itself, especially with the inevitable smattering of drama throughout. As with so many people before me I started to get pulled away from the community by life and it's relentless churn. I hated that feeling, and hated that I couldn't get back to what once was. I still look back with bittersweet senses when I think of all of the great, amazing and enjoyable times I've had in the community, many of them in a simple IRC chat or Shoutbox here on the forum. Sweet for what was, bitter in the realisation that it's past and I'm older now. It is the way of life, and it will happen for those of you young and interested enough to be reading up to this point. Focus on making yourself and others laugh, because when I look back on the past 12 years of this community those are the times I remember fondly. The shit-talking, the joking, the teasing, the trolling. The messing around in game. The forum contests.

    As I drifted apart from CCPLZ I was met with a sense of satisfaction though. I could go for weeks and return to the forum still running, people still posting and sharing information. The staff taking care of business. I saw that the forum didn't need me to function or continue, and that helped the frustration of not being able to be as immersed in it as I once was.

    Thereafter until now is largely the story of Tryst, Kent, the remaining staff and everyone else here. It is one I am largely ignorant of, and that again is something I can smile for. In the end the forum that I helped create, cared for and loved has a section of it's life that even I am completely unaware of. If anyone feels like following in my footsteps and giving their own account of their time here, I would love to hear it.

    To that end when I heard of the closure, and read the comments it stoked the love I have for this place and the people that have existed within its rich history. That should never be lost, as others have been. I want for any person that was here when it was alive to be able to look back on their time here and smile the messages they once wrote. Perhaps leaving one to leave another footstep on the dying journey of this old, weathered forum.

    At it's peak CCPLZ attracted 2 million page views a month. Over the course of it's lifetime we have seen visitors from nearly every corner of the globe. That's not an exaggeration either. Everywhere you see blue we have had members and visitors from over the course of the life of CCPLZ:


    Nothing will feel more significant to me than the above image. To go from wanting to see if we can make a forum for ourselves to, seven years later, having one that has attracted members from all over the world, that have shared and interacted with each other to form one of the best communities we've been a part of.

    I know people will be demanding a final top-ten countries from the above, so here it is:


    It has been a long journey to this point, but it has been the best of my life so far. Thank you everyone, for making that true. For making CCPLZ a community to be proud to be a part of. To be something people want to be a part of. For making CCPLZ a community we can all remember and look back on fondly.

    Being an admin of this forum has allowed me to meet and interact with the best community I have ever known, and one I will eternally remember. I wish every one of you the best for the future in all that you do.

    Should you wish to keep in touch or say hey in the future, you can find me:

    - Via email at max@okamistudio.com
    - Idle and semi-active on Discord (see forum header)
    - Sometimes on PSN (Destiny/Overwatch) under InsomniaBass
    - Nintendo Switch with friend code: SW-4731-1901-8418

    Feel free to drop a message or invite whenever, especially if you find yourself around the South of England and want to say hello in person.

    Thank You, Goodbye, and Goodnight.

    - Max
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  2. Akira

    Akira Well-Known Member

    This is written with so much heart, always loved your threads.(poetic justice hehe)
    Big love to Kent for keeping this forum so long alive and all the work it came along with.

    Special thanks to Programmers which released stuff in the past for community for getting nothing in return.
    Special thanks goes ofcourse the Staff : Tryst did so much for the community and went full madness after he got banned from Maplestory.


    If i didnt list you im sorry its 3:24 am right now ♥

    PS :Had a nice time here, but :sadharmy: emote was missing so only 9/10 :D.
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  3. Original

    Original ♛ Mikaelson ♛ Donor

    Wow dude! Wow!
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  4. otkk

    otkk Well-Known Member

    I was honestly expecting a 404 when I clickety-tapped "CCPlz.net" and hit enter.
    Not dissapointed, love it @S3NSA

    I have no doubt that you prolly don't remember this @S3NSA but I was here when the DL section/app store was a thing that was being developed and I pointed out several flaws and random shit to you, that promptly was fixed.

    This was back when Jonyleeson was still active and coding.
    Back when PM's weren't a thing IIRC. (you responded with posts on my profile anyways, kek)
    I made a point to never remove those first four messages on my profile, as one of the founders of the forum I was active on and loved left them there.

    I was active on and off for the better part of a decade, shitposting and normie-posting, creating compilation threads of every bypass, injector, trainer and hack release that was for eMS v87 through v89.1 back in 2013.
    Just to give back to the best community that I ever were a part of and also to spoonfeed the noobs just like I was spoonfed in the beginning.

    With that, and this being my final, and 666th post. (If @Harmy dosn't look for a random post to delete again, kek)

    We've had a good run fellas', much love and thank you for all the fish.

    I always liked my account number, 600, nice and even...
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2017
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  5. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    I do indeed, and have recognized your username since. I may forget a lot of the interactions I've had with people but the people themselves are rarely lost. It may take a post by them, or seeing their avatar, to ignite it but it's always there. From people I first met on MPC through to those that helped shape this community into what it's been.

    It has been a great run you're right, thank you for sharing.
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  6. Aardbei

    Aardbei http://www.unban-taku.com/ Donor

    You crazy ginger, now that's what we were hoping for. Thanks for all your hard work you've done for this community, I'm sure everybody here really appreciated it. Good luck in life and may we ever hear from you again (I bet we will, somehow). :wtf:
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  7. Ravy

    Ravy Goodbye! Take care everyone. Donor

    CCplz will be one of the things that I'll never ever forget.
    But, all good things come to an end some day, and honestly, it made me shed a tear to hear that CCplz was coming to an end.
    I hadn't known Redwinter that well, we had a few small-talks in the shoutbox, but when I heard he passed away, I legitimately cried as well. The devotion he had for the forum, and the love we had as a community for Redwinter was immense. It's sad to see it all end like this, but that's life. this is where we part ways. New adventures, new meetings await!

    It's been 5 years; I've been here since I was 13, I've grown up with you all. CCplz has always felt like a family to me. If I ever felt bad, I knew I could return to CCplz and cheer up a bit. All the love and support, the many many times I've laughed at the shoutbox chats, the amazing people I have met; CCplz was home.

    @S3NSA , I truly can't thank you enough. It's been an honour to be part of this amazing community. I'd love to have a drink with you someday ;-)

    Thank you, everyone, for all the memories :ily:
    Here's a cheers to you all; Redwinter, and CCplz ♥
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  8. Sergio Sousa

    Sergio Sousa Well-Known Member

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  9. Fixated

    Fixated Who doesn't want to be the best? Donor

    Wow... Woke up this morning to check how the site was, saw this post and hurried to work earlier so I could read this there.
    It is really amazing how touching this all is.

    I met Max (Roar) Through MapleStory, one day in FM13. He was buying NX and I was selling. That day, I sold 20k nx for 21watt bwg and a 50luk bathrobe (holy shit!) I had never had more than 100millions before, and being in 2011, it was ALOT!
    I kept selling nx from time to time and kept wondering how he could be able to pay so much for my NX... at times I got nervous that I could be banned for having the items :P It was too good to be true. After a while Max revieled this site for me, and I made an account. For starters I would just lurk, actually for some weeks. At the end of summer 2011, August, I got really bad (I had been semi sick to pretty sick to super sick over the course of 10 months). I had to visit one of the biggest hospitals in Sweden in an emergency operation. After this, I became bedridden for some days. This is where my real CC'ing came to start. I would find myself going on the site all the time, and even though 2011 was the darkest year in my life, somehow this forum gave me happiness.

    Time and time went by and I became more active in the forum, trading and having alot of fun with the members here. I became better at trading and it really consumed most of my time. I got my first real smartphone (iPhone 4s) and I would browse the site all the time! 10gb surf/month was kickass back then and it kept me online ;) After finishing my first year in Highschool 2012 I became less active as I would spend more time with my, at the time current girlfriend, friends and working out. At the end of 2012, I became very sick again, to the point where I had to go into the hospital without food for weeks, due to a broken stomach and intestines. This is where I picked up trading again on CCPLZ, having hours and hours in the hospital bed, I found myself very entertained on the forum, along with some anime. This became the best part of my life. The tempest update was there, EMPRESS ITEMS! Playing kaiser and enjoying this forum made the following months so awesome, despite my condition. I found that, regardless of what situation I was found in, I could always seek peace here. I went from having a really hard time in school, to being more focused and raising my every grade!

    This is how I would look from time to time (mr.cool doing the peace-sign).

    I was in a big drama with Roar and Sefior once, I think this is where I got one of my biggest lessons. Since the forum is going down, I might aswell share it.
    Max was always wealthy, and he would always give me fair deals, which I liked. No merching on friends ;).. One day we decided to trade. The deal was he was going to pay 5billions for a dragon khanjar that I had. Back in these days a "Djar" was not to be taken lightly. I had been working very hard to get it, and I was super proud of it. I give it to Max, knowing I would get paid for it. The days went by and nothing.. Excuses came that he needed to collect money, but at the same time I could see him buying items for the money, that he could easly have used to pay of the debt on. Oh well. At the same time I am in MSN with Sefior, chatting, and he brings up Max. We end up talking and he has some bad experiences with Max, atleast that is what he told me. I kept growing a big worry, and after some counselling from Sefior I decide to do what can never be undone. Decieve Max. I somehow get the login info from Max and grab his tradeable goodies, transfer to my account through my other computer. The deed was done... At first it felt so horrible.. what was I doing. And then it grew, I felt worse and worse. Max logs in later to find his items gone. He reaches out to me but I do not reply to him. He creates a threat on CCPLZ about it (as he should!), and it grows into a big deal. After some grief in the thread, Sefior steps up, telling that he believes I am the one that has done it, meanwhile before reading this I reach out to Max, telling him everything. I would be in tears (as I should have, d*mn f*cking Matt! (me)). Giving him everything, offering him to not pay for the Djar if I can remember it correctly. Things goes well with me and Max, actually we grew closer after the incident, while me and Sefior from that point on never could trust eachother.
    It was the moment I realize that I wasn't perfect, that I am just as stupid as anyone else. And at first it felt so weird, then it got me thinking that I now have so much room for improvement. This lesson taught me that loytalty stands above all, and I have been living to that motto ever since. Thank you, and sorry Max. It motivated me to become the best trader, that could both provide some kind of profit to myself, but also give you all good deals on items! Mostly I would merch ingame and sell the items to a fair paypal price on here, and as many of you knows, the trades went well :)

    Now I know Max (Roar) got into some trouble, which happened during a break that I took from CC, so I will not say anything about it. It is not the point of my text.

    Now this isn't to make anyone feel sorry for me, simply trying to make it clear how this forum has been with me for a long ride. The years that were supposed to be my worst, turned into my best, thanks to you all in this forum. I'd like to once again thank you all for this amazing time, the lessons taught to me and all the fun we had. I dare not think where I would be today if it wasn't for this forum.

    Thank you, to all the mods, keeping this place awesome, helping out when needed, being MM's in trading. A special thanks to @Freddy. You really made this place for me in the beginning. Trading items on Demethos to Kradia and vice versa. Damn the happy days...

    Last edited: Apr 25, 2017
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  10. Franc[e]sco

    Franc[e]sco Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    wow, I just found out about this

    it's sad to see this community go even though I haven't been developing maple stuff as actively anymore
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  11. Ant3

    Ant3 Well-Known Member

    I just want to thank all of you for everything you have done for this community. Especially S3NSA, Kent and the mods (Tryst ♥).
    Thanks! (It has gone over four years since my last post, so I hope that this gives my post some extra strength!)
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  12. Danny1994

    Danny1994 Likes to contribute Coder

    I just came here to feel some nostalgia and now i see this :F4:

    Very interesting read, thank you S3NSA.
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  13. iLikeAudi

    iLikeAudi Audis like me too :D Dedicated Donor

    Man Max... I'm so glad u showed up at last.

    Like others said, I had this extremely nervous feeling when typing in CCPLZ, and expected to find a black screen. I felt so much excitement seeing that it wasnt the case, and then I found this topic.

    I left to room to be on my own to read through it, and the patience you take to write things down in such a complete way full with emotions just made me sob.

    Maybe the choices you've made weren't always the best, but seeing how many people are still screaming for u should show how much we appreciate all you did for the community.

    Thanks allot, and great news to see the site wont be down for now..
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  14. maol3

    maol3 Well-Known Member

    Sad to see the forums close. It has been a great time here. Thanks for all.

    Btw, did MapleStory refer to CCPLZ shutting down when writing this?
    https://www.facebook . com/maplestory/videos/10155249746109520/

    (Added the spaces to avoid the forum embedding it, not to bypass anything)
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    JACHROEN Being a human being... Donor

    Haven't posted anything in 2years but still read on a regular basis sad to see it end.
    But a big thanks to all the staff, coders, donors and members that kept this running for so long. :ily::ily:
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  16. Sevexi

    Sevexi CCPLZ Donor Donor

    It has been a very good journey with you guys! I remember when I got first good hacks from here to newest maplestory. I used to hack when .wz edits were the thing and then come the packet edits. This site was so nice to talk at shoutbox and everyone always helped me with my stupid errors. This game made me going to coding school because it showed me how fun its to write some code and get very good things on game with it. Sorry to hearn this best journey on my life with nostalgia game Maplestory have to come end. I played Maplestory first when I was 9 years old and nowadays I am 21 so long time. But thanks for you all! S3NSA Thank you for making this site for us! And I remember Tryst have helped me with .wz edits and packet editing when I was so bad at those things. Never gonna lose these good night I spend at shoutbox of this site! Thanks for the memories those will never gonna fade!
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  17. Ghoul

    Ghoul Lambdacolyte Dedicated Donor

    I love you man.

    Many memories here.
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  18. ChiLaX

    ChiLaX Well-Known Member Coder

    @S3NSA Never knew much about you, I don't think we ever really talked without you scolding me because of fights with the other coders. Reading the whole thing and hearing all this background information was really nice.
    For me, you are only like 5 years older, but you were to me like the big daddy that watches from very high above, and I was always trying to not get you mad. When I was 16 I was thinking that you were 30-40 lol, that's how much I respected you.

    Fucking Benny, I was SOOOO much better than him and hated him from the first moment on.

    You of all people, probably remember too, that I left the Forum to reach for the stars. I went and became VIP Coder for Blaze and GameKiller, did some other stuff and finally opened my own Forum, with the sole purpose of making money out of my tools. I was always permitted to make like real advertisement, now I realize that I didn't involve you in all my actions and decisions and regret it a lot. I was a foolish son, first getting into a war with all the other respected coder's here and then chosing to set out to my own journey. You don't know S3nsa... it was a hell of an adventure, I spent 16 hours a day solely on this, coding, testing, coding, forum, more coding, fighting ALLLLLLL of these guys, Benny, Raz, Minike, .... They even tried to hack my forum, DDoS it and everything haha
    I stopped after those court things popped up from GamerSoul, and came back here for a few of my last weeks as a MapleStory hacker. Since then I check the forum every once in a while, this little crappy Forum just doesn't get out of my head KAPPA. Jokes aside, "the best community I have ever been a part of", those words, you don't believe how true this actually is. Not only besides the other MapleStory communities, but I mean real life communities too.
    Without trying to sound arrogant, I have probably released the widest variety of hacking tools of all the coders that I have ever seen anywhere, I loved this community and I had my own way of making it the best there ever was. ;-) :-D

    To me RedWinter was ... a teacher (I learned from him first how to put a codecave hack into C++, I think it was the Stat Hook), a big brother (helping me in some fights with the other coders), a mentor. Since the moment he was gone, I never once forgot this guy who gave me so much in my life. When I was this little rebellish wild teen, making trouble everywhere, he was the one who showed me how to stay on the right path. He deserves way more words than this, but anyways... r.i.p brother.

    I want to personally thank everybody, S3nsa, the mods (who all kinda didnt really like me lel), exception: RedWinter, all the supporters of my releases, all the people who joined my own platform and spent money on my tools, all the haters and all the other coders who made me who I am now. Somebody who knows how to never stand down, always keep fighting, making my way to the top of what I am doing, somebody who is open to all kinds of people, someone who would never jewhook a fucking kid or ever take the wrong path, so god may help me. Thank you, for so much. Keep it up guys. See you guys out there, in the vastness of the universe.
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  19. Jett

    Jett Ravy's Lover, Shinso's Bitch. Donor

    I can not remember a place where I've had so much fun and been so active on a forum ever.
    I've been here since I was 15, in 2010, where I just leeched a hack and used it without knowing what the hell happened if I did it and that:F6:.
    I've always felt that CCPLZ was a place where you could both leech the latest hacks but also be social with unknown people.
    I'm very sorry that CCPLZ closes because it's the best forum in the world and I do not feel like I could get a word introduced in a chat like Discord.

    I have met some amazing people like @Shinso and @Ravy , which I still write with today. (I work with Shinso, so it goes without saying)

    I hope everyone lives a long and wonderful life.

    Btw we all know that @GOD took my username :F3:
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  20. apprenticeCS

    apprenticeCS (づ。◕‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧ Moderator Dedicated Donor

    I trying to get hold of some warez and finding it so hard without CCPLZ to provide me with working links to torrent sites :-(
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