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The End of an Era - A Final Thank You

Discussion in 'Goodbye' started by S3NSA, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Lucapro

    Lucapro Well-Known Member

    Words cannot describe how much fun i had on this site. With the old hackshield and the hacks back in the dayon EMS. I saw someone hacking on maple and i wanted that so much when i had i did not stop playing. Even when i went to school i let my maple run all day with hacks when i was away. I never really said much but once every while i came back on this just to check how they were doing. Good luck in the future and goodby!
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  2. Aardbei

    Aardbei http://www.unban-taku.com/ Donor

    You still suck.
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  3. iLikeAudi

    iLikeAudi Audis like me too :D Dedicated Donor

    Same here ;-;

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  4. Ravy

    Ravy Goodbye! Take care everyone. Donor

    [​IMG] bois ;-;♥
  5. iLikeAudi

    iLikeAudi Audis like me too :D Dedicated Donor

    "You've got mail."
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  6. Bia

    Bia Well-Known Member

    Well just logged in after years to say good bye, had great fun there.

    See you @Conquest sometime maybe :D
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  7. Conquest

    Conquest Legendary Casanova Coder Donor

    see ya ♥
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  8. Aske

    Aske CCPLZ Donor Donor

    :sadharmy: love you all
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  9. PloxCake

    PloxCake "Do whatever the fuck you want" - Ghandi Donor

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  10. NonLeaf

    NonLeaf Well-Known Member

    Learnt a lot here. Thank you all! I'll surely join the Discord.

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  11. skullevo

    skullevo Well-Known Member

    Logged on and saw this D: sad times, this was the best community ariund
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  12. LeslyDePro

    LeslyDePro Well-Known Member

    Well, It has been a great five years.
    I wasn't really active for the past 3 years, but hey I still want to say goodbye.
    Thank you for the laughs!
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  13. Deviid

    Deviid . Donor

    Might be the first time i feel emotional over a thing like this but hey, there's a first time with everything and i'm glad you guys took my forum virginity.

    Goodbye y'all, live well.
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  14. Kylling

    Kylling Well-Known Member

    R.I.P CCPlz! You were a good part of my childhood you'll never be forgotten. ♥
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  15. XownAxeStyle

    XownAxeStyle CCPLZ Donor Donor

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  16. Se Uk Oh

    Se Uk Oh Well-Known Member

    Damn.... I wasn't here for too long but this forum was definitely the best:pet-kino:
    Thank you to everyone I knew here ♥
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  17. Invincible

    Invincible Well-Known Member

    No words... Really. I spend my whole youth playing Maple, from a noob on eMS, to gMS then Private Servers and back again as hacker in eMS. My friends was out and I was here playing, but it was great. I loved this community (ccplz), I traded alot of stuff and learnt loads of useful tips here in the forum. Now my life's changed but I don't know why I opened this website, maybe some nostalgia, just for check how things was going on and damn everything closed, a small piece of my heart fallen. Now I don't want to be so long with this message since I'm like no one in the forum, but guys... Really, I tell you THANKS. Thanks for everything you did for us and thank you for all the time you spent here. Good luck with everything on your lives and go fuck every bitch you will find in the club, bar, pub or whatever. Peace guys, I love you all.

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  18. QQII

    QQII Well-Known Member

    It's been a long time since I've visited this site and I have to say it brings back a lot of old, cringe-inducing memories. I have to thank the ccplz community for where I am now, because although I was a skid (damn, I had to look up that word) it was this community which introduced me to programming. Thanks for not deleting the site, and for writing a beautiful post, and for creating this lovely community.

  19. Aardbei

    Aardbei http://www.unban-taku.com/ Donor

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  20. otkk

    otkk Well-Known Member


    dun't ban me plez....
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