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Europe The programming challenge / battle

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Siobhan, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Siobhan

    Siobhan New Member

    I had an idea for a rather simple but potentially useful and unique programming challenge. Unfortunately the thread got closed and the PM with this suggestion that I sent seems to have gotten lost.

    Instead of coding a trainer which there are a dime a dozen out there, lets have a tool that monitors exp gain and pot usage.

    The suggested tool should continuously monitor the experience and check for deaths (and maybe play an alarm then? though that would be extra credit for the challenge) or level up events, since these two states reduces the exp counter and would muck up any calculations.

    It should also monitor the pot usage by simply recording large jumps to the MP or HP variables, this could be done by hooking or by polling the variables. Hooking would by harder but much more precise.

    The tool should continuously present this data as
    Exp / hrs - Exp over time ratio.
    Exp / HP - Exp over Hp Pots, duh!
    Exp / MP - Exp over Mp Pots.
    HP / MP - Hp to Mp pot usage ratio.

    Time to level at current exp/time ratio. (I feel this could be one of the more difficult tasks)

    A reset button is probably necessary.

    Other variables that could be checked is Meso and possibly Item drops, though hooking to check Item drops could be a bad idea since it will most likely invalidate any active item filters thus making that suggestion a bad idea.

    Checking the Map ID and reset any and all variables when it changes could/would be pretty cool.

    Suggested rules / behavior.

    With a long submission period, participants should be encouraged to release pre/beta versions of their projects so that users/judges can get a feel and give some feedback before the submission deadline.

    The final application should possibly be released with source code though honorable mentions should be awarded to devs who will not abide by this.

    The final submission SHOULD have ccplz.net clearly visible on the main window.

    I feel that this proposed tool would be useful to determine how good a map is for hacking / boting, but also for legit training. Even so, I have not seen anything even remotely like it and thus it would be a rather unique ccplz tool.

    As for the time limit, I think a full week should be allowed for, not because it is a particularly difficult challenge, but because a lot of people might not have the time to immediately drop what they are doing and jump onto a new project.

    I would like to see this challenge on ccplz.net either as proposed or modified (I won't take offense if parts of it is changed or added to)

  2. Wallz

    Wallz Member

    I would like to do this but I am going on Holiday tomorrow :/ however if it isn't done when I come back I will happily make a bot that does some/all of these things

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