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The (un)official daily Pokémon GO achievement thread!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Goldwing Applegleam, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. anddys

    anddys New Member

    wow people still play this game?
    any good new content?
  2. apprenticeCS

    apprenticeCS (づ。◕‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧ Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Not really.

    But I grew up with pokemon and I plan to catch them all.

    Also I'm botting several accounts, so I shouldn't be too long.

    I've got 3 to lvl 28 already. Giving them a rest so they don't level too fast then I'll take them to 35+
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  3. N00ByBo0

    N00ByBo0 Well-Known Member

    Event over.

    Level 35 now, 300k exp.

    Pokedex is now at 141/143. I still need Aerodactyl and Kabutops (walking with Kabuto atm) and I am done.

    Even with the event ending I am still not stopping. However, its actually getting cold, so if it get horribly cold I may no longer play in the evenings. I still get 80~100 coins a day.
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  4. Shinso

    Shinso Just working. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    I got to 36 last night and im on about 200k xp.

    I got a snorlax in an egg today with 89% so now i just need to walk about 300km or something to power it up.

    I lost 15 / 22 gyms in a day recently so I've got a run with about 8 other people on friday to try and get some of the ones outside the city back again. Buying presents and dealing with work probably stopped me getting more sooner.

    All the dust from this event really helped get my pokemon up, I've got 15 over 2900 points now which should help me hold a few gyms.
  5. apprenticeCS

    apprenticeCS (づ。◕‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧ Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Event got me to lvl 29 with 20k exp left to lvl 30.

    I don't get to play too often but I have managed to grab a seven day looting streak finally.

    Also managed 2 mass evolutions of about 40pokes both adding at least 2 new pokes all with a lucky egg for 4x exp.

    And one final evolve last night. About 30 pokes with 1 new entry.

    I'm at 131 caught 136 seen and I have 5 shit dittos xD
  6. Shinso

    Shinso Just working. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Still grinding away slowly. I'm only getting about 75k / day at the moment though but i guess that's fine.

    I need 11 more candy to evolve togepi and then i have all the ones i can get (in europe) again.
  7. N00ByBo0

    N00ByBo0 Well-Known Member

    Each update I have more and more lag while fighting. Its getting pretty frustrating :/
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  8. apprenticeCS

    apprenticeCS (づ。◕‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧ Moderator Dedicated Donor

    I havent fought a gym for weeks, I do have a Bulbasaur nest near me however, so it's not all bad news, I now I have my Venasaur :-)

    I hit lvl 30 a few days back, I'm not too fussed about exp anymore, so I'm finally working on evolving all my decent IV Pokes. Last time I tried powering up my Pokes to max level, I spent 200k stardust on about four Pokes :/

    I'm not a gen 2 fan, not even a little. I only want Togapi out of the new additions and so for now all I need to get all the available Pokes are:


    Event should help with Tagapi at least.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2016
  9. apprenticeCS

    apprenticeCS (づ。◕‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧ Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Since pogobag is no longer working. What site do you guys use to find IVs?
  10. N00ByBo0

    N00ByBo0 Well-Known Member

    Still playing less until they fix the darn lag.

    Almost reaching 36, got my last kanto pokemon which was aero.
  11. Shinso

    Shinso Just working. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Level 37, 800k xp.

    There is someone else in my city (on team valor) that is catching up with me so I wont be the highest for too much longer probably. I had a slow week at the end of december though since i was in England for a few days and I didn't get many pokemon on the other days.


    I check all of my pokemon manually with this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vtromeur.pokivcalculator&hl=en
  12. apprenticeCS

    apprenticeCS (づ。◕‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧ Moderator Dedicated Donor

    I've not played much at all the past few weeks.

    Still lvl 30, but my motivation has gone. The only Pokes I need are Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops and tagapi.

    Considering I rarely see pokestops and get eggs, it's quite difficult to convince myself I'll hatch any of these any time soon. Esecially when all I seem to hatch are Oddish and paras.
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  13. Shinso

    Shinso Just working. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Level 38 now and on 750k xp / 3m to 39. I should be able to get another 750k ish before wednesday if i try

    This valentines event is very good for xp with double candy. It also turns out that after 38 you cant power your pokemon up any higher. I have already maxed out a few of mine.
  14. apprenticeCS

    apprenticeCS (づ。◕‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧ Moderator Dedicated Donor

    I'm finding this event kind of useless.

    Double candy is nice but I'm not getting the pokes I need, lvl 31 still, not focusing on leveling up anymore, and I still don't get to play much or get eggs.

    When I do get eggs I get shitty 2Km ones since the egg migration, but I need Togapi and Kabuto to complete my dex. Dratini and Omanyte to complete my dex with decent IVs. And I hear they're bringing out more gen 2 soon -.-

    I deny the existence of gen 2, but after gen 2 comes out my gen 1 pokes will be quite weak compared to their evolved counterparts. :/
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  15. N00ByBo0

    N00ByBo0 Well-Known Member

    Finally gen 2 is coming! Though I fear not many will play it again after they see the game literally still looks same beside minor changes (APK just got released today for gen 2 build)

    36 and a half atm and have over 2k pidgey candies from the event.
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  16. apprenticeCS

    apprenticeCS (づ。◕‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧ Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Gen 2 is that close? Officially released or leaked?

    I don't want gen 2, I just want Togapi and Kabuto :(

    My legit main is lvl 32 and nowhere near lvl up
    I have 3 lvl 30+ botted accs each with a region exclusive poke (though mainly shitty cp etc...) and I just started botting a new acc at Santa Monica Pier.

    I need trading to come out, across all my accs I have some decent 90+% IV fighters and defenders, just need to power them up and trade them to my main. The more accs I have botted, the more stardust I can use on good Pokes. But I don't bot too far after 30, I think 32 is my highest.
  17. N00ByBo0

    N00ByBo0 Well-Known Member

    There's even a trailer out already. Gen2 is coming this week.
  18. Shinso

    Shinso Just working. Moderator Dedicated Donor

  19. apprenticeCS

    apprenticeCS (づ。◕‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧ Moderator Dedicated Donor

  20. Shinso

    Shinso Just working. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    And gen 2 is available now. I've got 15 so far but the server is crashing so much right now.

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