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Release TheDevil v1.6 [MSEA v1.22] - Updated on 25.9.2012

Discussion in 'Hacks & Downloads' started by hahass95, Aug 20, 2012.


What kind of trainer you wanted?

  1. Embed maple to the trainer and having the setting on the right hand side.

  2. A trainer with a lot of buttons , which mean a lot of form.

  3. A trainer that is the same as now.

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  1. darknesssins

    darknesssins Well-Known Member

    tats what i always thought too lulz
  2. bestrobber97

    bestrobber97 Well-Known Member

    I'm referring to the devil trainer lol
    • Made me cry! Made me cry! x 1
  3. New Member

    New Member Well-Known Member

    What's the point of updating the trainer when there's no bypass?
  4. leorina

    leorina Member

    some of the hack are bypassles,meantime we can use that hack to bot
  5. Bwyan

    Bwyan Member

    ^ the thing is that auto cc wont work. :/ [unless someone release a new function]
  6. Dylxxx

    Dylxxx New Member

    kami and vami usable without bypass?
  7. Bwyan

    Bwyan Member

    Don't give false infomation ^

    Dylxxx it's workin perfectly.
  8. Dylxxx

    Dylxxx New Member

    Bwyan..but when i inject, the hackshield detect the hack..how come?
  9. gsb92

    gsb92 Member

    when devil hack come out?
  10. darknesssins

    darknesssins Well-Known Member

    you should be asking for a public bypass first lol..
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