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Pending Trade tips/guides section.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ford, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Ford

    Ford PC Brah Donor


    As many of you may have noticed, the price check section is rather neglected and redundant, this seems to have been true before and after the new section for the Luna server.

    I would propose in it's replacement, a new section which allows traders to discuss and share information related to trade. This could be guides and advice which could help newer traders with issues which may limit their intent to trade.

    I personally would like a section like this to give back to the trading community and would be keen to author some guides as well as support users with trade issues.

    For example, I would see an advice thread on how to gain accurate prices on items a great deal more useful to users.


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  2. apprenticeCS

    apprenticeCS (づ。◕‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧ Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Don't wait for a section, never hold back potential content because there is no specific section for it. Write your guides, and if they are useful/popular/active, a section can be added and all guides collected later. At the very least, if your guides are good, I'll sticky them in the discussion section.

    That said, I support this idea. Guides and tuts for general Maple are as important as hacking tuts in my eyes. We tried a legit forum a while back in the form of MesoPlz where such content would be at home, however the EMS community shunned us for our link with the hacking community.
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  3. TheLegend27

    TheLegend27 Well-Known Member

    I like the idea. However, there is a lack of people, who are currently buying, selling or trading maplestory items. Although there is the occassional "whats the price of...." in shoutbox, I don't see many people asking for trading advice prices.
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  4. Swanniie

    Swanniie Time = Money Donor

    This I guess, although Luna's population is bursting right now, the site remains pretty much the same.

    However, surely it can't be as dead as the price check section now.
  5. Ford

    Ford PC Brah Donor

    The lack of people is an overall issue, rather than being trade specific. Other than the Pokemon GO boom, which has died down considerably, trade remains one of the most active parts of CCPLZ currently.
    As mentioned in the suggestion, such a section would encourage trade for those who are new to the scene.

    I believe there is a great deal of knowledge and experience some reputable traders can share. As @Swanniie mentions, It can't be anymore dead than the price check section is now.

    There won't be much harm in having such a platform, worst case scenario, an in-active library of guides. I think the majority of the other sections on this website would have a hard time for their existence to be justified.
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  6. Fixated

    Fixated Who doesn't want to be the best? Donor

    This idea sounds great, even for us "veteran players" it is nice to come back into the business again, with updated tips and trick´s.

    Would it contain for example "ideas on what to do if you have gotten scammed on paypal"? Or just general around the items themselves?

    Anyhoooooo! Big up
  7. Tryst

    Tryst (✿O‿O) http://maple.watch Administrator Moderator Dedicated Donor

    If anyone wants to, I'd advise creating a thread in https://ccplz.net/forums/price-checks.245 or maybe https://ccplz.net/forums/discussion.206 for the time being. I'm not sure how popular an entire section dedicated to this would be, but a new thread detailing tips and tricks would be a great start.

    I'm not sure which of those forums would be the best place for it. It's essentially in the spirit of the Price Checks forum, whilst not being especially about price checking, but it's also a discussion about a certain aspect of the game (or out of the game if things like PayPal are to be included). Use your digression. If it gets too big or messy then a new forum can probably be set up for it.
  8. Ford

    Ford PC Brah Donor

    I appreciate your interest. The idea would cover in game and out of game trade. I would look at it to cater towards seller and buyer advice.

    An example of something I'd consider appropriate, is highlighting to buyers the ability to determine a good time to buy meso at a reasonable price, and avoid being ripped off i.e. detect when there are hidden meso exploits being abused (The easiest way is to check the prices of meso selling websites, particularly Chinese ones which price surprisingly accurately to their supply)
    but there are other ways to determine this, simply by assessing other aspects of the market.
    I could go on and on about this in greater detail, but It's just a taste of the type of content I feel the community is deprived from, despite the fact our members and community have a surplus of knowledge which should be shared.

    And as you say, Veteran players (or members) would benefit all the same. I'm sure I stand to learn a thing or two. :)
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