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Europe TUT | Updating Script / Attaching To MapleStory CheatEngine! *PIC*

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by personal, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. personal

    personal Well-Known Member

    so has u can see most of the ppl actuly cant do that kind of things
    so ill explain u with picture ....

    all credits to me (personal) form cc plz. plz do not release this is another Forum ( WITH OPCODE) ( OR withoutIT)

    1. Open Cheatengine Download it here:
    2.Install .
    3. Open Cheatengine.
    4. Open maplestory and Cheatengine DO NOT CLICK START!
    5. [​IMG]
    NOW Search for maplestory inside the box that popS up and then click start

    Search for maplestory and click ok
    next :
    Code (Text):
    1. //Tubi(example for EMS v63 by personal)
    2. [enable]
    3. 004756D4: //75 ? 83 7C 24 ? ? 75 ? 8B ? ? ? ? ? FF 70 ? 83 C0 ? 50  //THIS IS UR AOB <
    4. DB 90 90
    5. [disable]
    6. 004756D4: //75 ? 83 7C 24 ? ? 75 ? 8B ? ? ? ? ? FF 70 ? 83 C0 ? 50
    7. jne 0047570c //byte 75 36

    how to add the script to ur cheat tabel
    step 1. click memory view
    step 2. click ctrl + a into the Memory<
    now a New Box will pop up
    ctrl + c the script and
    then paste it Ctrl + v
    click file
    Assigen to corrent cheat table
    AND UR DONE =)

    tut by me enjoy :F11:

    DONT FORGET TO close Cheatengine b-4 starting maplestory..
    unless u have bypass.
    i know my english sucks...soz
  2. Razz

    Razz Dedicated Supporter Dedicated Donor

    Or just open Mem View Search -> Find Address and paste the aob there...
  3. ixamxd

    ixamxd Well-Known Member

    yes this method is bored and more hard
  4. personal

    personal Well-Known Member

    this is beter then other 1
    cuz u just chose aob
    search and u find it

    btw check it up there
    ( WITH OPCODE) ( OR withoutIT)
  5. [D.R.T]

    [D.R.T] (҂ `з´ ).︻╦̵̵̿╤── Coder Donor

    I use this method, especially when you're creating a aob
  6. ixamxd

    ixamxd Well-Known Member

    click on button "auto assambler"
    right click oon the top part
    go to adderess
    paste ur adderess
    select the part of the aob
    get the variable and delete it
    and finaly u get the aob with variales
  7. highlights

    highlights Well-Known Member

    making variable aobs may sometimes be a bad idea... it may end up with serval wrong addys
    i just lets the aob be as it is and when i am about to search for the addy and dont find it then i make a quick variable in my mind (removing bytes which i know often changes)

    to the OP
    i can tell u that ur english needs some improvements but else nice to see u helping other
  8. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    This is the old school way.
  9. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tut, even though its quite messy.
  10. u6koo

    u6koo Well-Known Member

    nice tut really helped me :)
  11. Cuckoo

    Cuckoo Fuckeh Yuuu Donor

    lol i dont get sh!t of this tut all the pictures are mest up could you make a tut with all the pictures split up (with a space between it or something)?? and say what ur acctually doing?? i want to learn, not just follow some steps while i dont even know what im doing, but i still need to thank you for trying to teach ppl tough

    EDIT: well now i notice this are the easy parts :P keep on trying ppl its easy if you understand
  12. Melv

    Melv Guest

    i still dont understand how ppl find the variable AOB's you just showed what to do with the variable AOB .
  13. Ant3

    Ant3 Well-Known Member

    I usually get my variable AOBs by mixing old a new ones. After a while you will see what bytes that usually changes.
  14. Melv

    Melv Guest

    no other way? And look i got 2 but they're totaly differend

    //Instant Drop
    //Ems v0.58
    add [eax],al
    add [eax],al
    add [eax],al
    add [eax],al

    add [eax],al
    add [eax],al
    add [eax-71],al
    inc eax


    Instant Drop
    db 25
    db 0d
  15. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned

    Well the explaination is pretty simple,
    using db makes it way faster to add the script to a c++ project.
    so probally
    db 25 = add [eax],al

    ( unless the script itself changed )
  16. Ant3

    Ant3 Well-Known Member

    Example of making variable AOBs how I usually do it if I want to save them:

    Super Tubi:
    Code (Text):
    2. eMS 0.58:
    3. 75 36 83 7C 24 0C 00 75 19 8B 86 9C 20 00 00 FF
    4. eMS 0.65.2:
    5. 75 36 83 7C 24 0C 00 75 19 8B 86 B0 20 00 00 FF
    Code (Text):
    2. 75 36 83 7C 24 0C 00 75 19 8B 86 [COLOR="Red"]9C[/COLOR] 20 00 00 FF
    3. 75 36 83 7C 24 0C 00 75 19 8B 86 [COLOR="Red"]B0[/COLOR] 20 00 00 FF
    Code (Text):
    2. 75 36 83 7C 24 0C 00 75 19 8B 86 ?? 20 00 00 FF
    One question mark is enough. A bad example but.. yeah.
  17. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    Code (Text):
    1. [ENABLE]
    2. //Instant Drop
    3. //Ems v0.58
    4. [COLOR="red"]00916B00[/COLOR]: // this is what mostly get changed every patch, wherefor you've got to find an variable aob for it.
    5. [COLOR="green"]add [eax],al // the green part in this script is what actually makes the hack happen. You're changing the memory of maplestory.
    6. add [eax],al
    7. add [eax],al
    8. add [eax],al[/COLOR]
    10. [DISABLE]
    11. [COLOR="red"]00916B00[/COLOR]: // same goes for here.
    12. [COLOR="green"]add [eax],al
    13. add [eax],al
    14. add [eax-71],al
    15. inc eax[/COLOR]
    Code (Text):
    1. Instant Drop
    2. [enable]
    3. [COLOR="red"]004F8480[/COLOR]: // same here.
    4. [COLOR="green"]db 25[/COLOR] // green part in this script is actually the same as above, but instead of writing the opcodes they wrote the bytes that are being changed.
    6. [disable]
    7. [COLOR="red"]004F8480[/COLOR]: // and again the same here.
    8. [COLOR="green"]db 0d[/COLOR]
  18. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned

    You can also update AoB's by trying to find the variable's in them ( the bytes that could possibly chance, usually the addy ) however Ant3's method is way easier

    ( btw you can also update addy's using opcodes )
  19. ixamxd

    ixamxd Well-Known Member

    usefull for leechers, thanks alot, we dont need noobs,

    im waiting for noobs contributions
  20. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    It's not like some people are born pros, everyone's a noob leecher at first and learning how to update scripts is a step further into doing shit yourself.

    personal: This tutorial is missing quite important part, which is how to recognize variables in an AoB.
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