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Europe VMware player Error with Maplestory

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by stenolov, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. stenolov

    stenolov Well-Known Member


    I have recently installed VMware player so I can run 2 maplestorys. But when I try to start Maplestory I get this error message: "Error code: -2147467259"

    I use Windows vista 32bit on the host computer and on the virtual computer. I have tried to reinstall maplestory and VMware player.

    Is there anyway to fix this?:confused:
  2. FirenX

    FirenX New Member

    Just google the error code .. u will find something if not
    try to install Win 7 enterprise OS just 1.4gb and a almost full win7 ..should work on that
  3. d0se

    d0se Member

    Right click on the MapleStory Icon and choose "Run as Administrator" should help - installed the "Vmware tools"?.

  4. DarkSpace

    DarkSpace Well-Known Member Coder

    install vmware tools, that seems like graphic error or something
  5. Scum 72638

    Scum 72638 Go with the flow. Banned

    100% down to vmware tools not being installed. do eet

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