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Europe Well, Basically

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by FelixTheLion2, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. FelixTheLion2

    FelixTheLion2 New Member

    i was just wondering what the basics are, this site is full of amazing information and allot i can barely take in, its incredible how much people can learn for just one game...well the hacking side of it, im completely new to hacks and ive taken time to read through most of the treads and topics of this forum and ive come to the conclusion...."Wow stop 1 sec pls xD"

    im unsure but are these hacks the ones that make you mesos, since thats what im in the forum for

    7miss Gmode
    Auto loot
    Auto MP (if using slash blast or something)

    now im only asking this cause i AM genuinely new to all of this, is thier a bot with all 3 of these in thaty don't AB, Fake AB, DC loads and get me noticed.

    if so can you please help me achieve my goal, i want to learn how to make bots but at the same time i want to use the ones provided to make mesos.

    Oh and best location for mesos making? xDD (A) just a thought ♥

  2. Cuckoo

    Cuckoo Fuckeh Yuuu Donor

    download the kami vac and ibotyou if you realy want 7 miss you should also use noobie bot, just tick mob disarm whit it cause else you will need more pots

    so you put your pots on the keys that the bot uses and you tick the hacks you want to use, the kami will teleport you to the monsters and also tick the thing under it to enable loot (if you dont you wil get banned) also use the auto loot from the kami bot cause sometimes the otherones dont work, if you want fvac you should also use mobspeed up and no jump

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