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Europe .wz edits

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Miauri, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Miauri

    Miauri Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a list over usefull .wz edits thats not detected? I have'nt played/hacked maplestory for over a year. I'm curious if mpCon>0 on heal still works..

    Thanks 4 answers

    yes, im not english, but u can understand what i wrote?
  2. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned

    MPCon heal/ fj/tele etc. have all been patched, however there a just little of wz edits that arent patched ( just the worthless ones though )
  3. zoro

    zoro Donor

    being able to make monsters jump isn't worthless. :-)
  4. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned



    Make mobs jump + Suck Left/ Suck Up = Uber Vac ;D( just get auto cc every 10~20secs )
  5. Miauri

    Miauri Well-Known Member

    suck up/left = memory edit, right?

    i think i know how to make mobs able to jump...
  6. zoro

    zoro Donor

    they won't be permanently jumping tho.
  7. Fury

    Fury <marquee><font color="#FFBF00"><b>Official CCPLZ G Banned

  8. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned

    you dont need to, just 1 jump is enough to completely vac em all to the top right/top left ( is pretty much nobody able to see you//lots of mobs ;D but d/cs quickly so you need a quick auto cc )
  9. zoro

    zoro Donor

    I mean that the monsters might be walking around for 10 seconds before they jump for the first time, so they wouldn't get vacced immediately.
  10. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned

    ouch T.T, but even so, it seems to be a decent vac :P

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