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Europe Z Packet inspector EMS - Again

Discussion in 'Hacks & Downloads' started by Siobhan, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. Siobhan

    Siobhan New Member

    http://localhostr.com/files/f7b33b/Z.7z (including source)


    What is updated.
    Code (Text):
    2. static LPCSTR lpszSendMethodMask = "\xB8\x00\x00\x00\x00\xE8\x00\x00\x00\x00\x83\xEC\x00\x53\x56\x8B\xF1\x8D\x9E\x00\x00\x00\x00\x57\x8B\xCB\x89\x5D\x00\xE8\x00\x00";
    3. ulMSSendMethod = FindPattern((LPBYTE)lpszSendMethodMask, "x????x????xx?xxxxxx????xxxxx?x??", 0);
    If something else was changed on the release on MPC it is not included here.

    The reason I released it in the first place is that I don't agree with what was done on MPC, taking a GPL:ed project update it and make a restricted release.

    If someone releases his/her OWN project and wants it off other sites that should be respected. But both GPL and AL have strict clauses on proliferation of changes and since The Nullz tagged his project as either GPL or AL, I feel that his project was in essence hijacked.

    I would not have bothered re-posting the original link except for the fact that it clearly shows that I did not leech it from somewhere else.

    I really expected more some people here than reading the Headline and reaching for the troll button.
  2. crowwler

    crowwler Well-Known Member

    So, what does this?
  3. polopolo

    polopolo Well-Known Member

    Pictures? =)
  4. Panete

    Panete CCPLZ Donor Donor

    Its a packet editor, it allows to receive/send packets to do stuff like DCing other people, teleporting to other maps, spamming someone/general chat, to buy more items on a slot than its allowed to(for example 100 ciders in 1 slot) and to use some hacks like godmode and so and a long etc.

    I cba to explain how to do any of those, find out yourself.
  5. Fury

    Fury <marquee><font color="#FFBF00"><b>Official CCPLZ G Banned

    some1 got a bypass D:
  6. Panete

    Panete CCPLZ Donor Donor

    Use any of the one that come with noobiebot or ibotyou.
  7. Kyuute

    Kyuute New Member

    Never used a PE before, I'll give it a try. Seems to be fun :o
    Thanks for sharing, good job. :)
  8. fre024

    fre024 Banned Banned

    If it does not work (crashes your maple)
    Download NET framework 4.0
  9. Melv

    Melv Guest

    Got 4.0 still crashes </3
  10. Vaccleaner

    Vaccleaner Well-Known Member

    You need to use this with a bypass
  11. Melv

    Melv Guest

    true, the problem was i used GPMMMI injector seems not working with that.
  12. Tryst

    Tryst (✿O‿O) http://maple.watch Administrator Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Works fine. Make sure you're running GPMMMI as admin.
  13. WishMeLuck

    WishMeLuck Well-Known Member

    how can i ignore a header?
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